Steve Latimer is an artist living in Lakeland Florida.  I am orginally from California and grew up mostly in the West when my father was in the Air Force.  Art has always been a part of my life. I started drawing in elementary school and continued in high school.  I majored in art in college and received a AA Degree in Art from Polk Jr College in 1967.  I then continued my education at the University of South Florida and majored  in fine arts. 

 When we moved to Raleigh North Carolina about three years ago  I seriously started painting again. I use a mixture of mediums but mainly Liquid Acrylics and Watercolors on Canvas, Wood Panels and Paper. Currently I am working in Acrylics and Wood Assemblages.

 Art has been a  interesting path for me over the years. My art now has become  a abstract interpretation. This allows me to see my paintings differently.  Interpreting art from a realistic view to abstract takes  more steps but gives me a deeper attachment to the painting. Abstract art gives me freedom to say and paint what I feel. It makes the viewer look harder at what I am feeling and saying and painting. 

 Thanks for reading my bio and I hope you enjoy my art.