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Steve Latimer is an artist living in Lakeland Florida.  I am orginally from California and grew up in the West when my father was in the Air Force. California  and mainly Texas were the main states we lived in. Art has always been a big part of my life. I started drawing in elementary school and continued in high school.  I majored in art in college and received a AA Degree in Art from Polk Jr College in 1967.  I then continued my education at the University of South Florida and majored  in fine arts. 

 When we moved to Raleigh North Carolina about three years ago  I seriously started painting again. I use a mixture of mediums but mainly Oils, Acrylics and sometimes watercolors.

Growing up in the West provided so much information and history for me to paint that I started painting the West again from memories old  photographs and trips back periodically.  It just felt right to get back to where I so loved living and paint it. 

 Art has been a  interesting path for me over the years. My art now seems to have gone full circle. From Realism to Abstract I fit usually somewhere in the middle.  This allows me to see my paintings differently.  Interpreting art from a realistic view to abstract takes  more steps but gives me a deeper attachment to the painting. Abstract art gives me freedom to say and paint what I feel. It makes the viewer look harder at what I am feeling and saying and painting. 

 Thanks for reading my bio and I hope you enjoy my art.