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Good afternoon. Hope your weekend is going well. I now am transfering my art to a more abstract approach from a standpoint ,it is providing more interpretations of textures, shapes and colors. I would like comments on these newest pieces if you have a opportunity. My personal thoughts are I needed to step away from traditional paintings and go after something that takes longer to produce but provides colors and layers and textures that makes the mind want to touch and question the painting.
"Peel Back the Layers" is on canvas and utilized many of the mediums of my previous paintings. Modeling paste, Tyvek, Red Rosin Paper, Corrugated Cardboard, Tissue Paper and Acrylic and Watercolor paint. I hope you like it. At Mitchell's Coffee House in November there will be a whole series of these paintings along with some of my other art. Hope you will come and see it. Thanks and have a blessed day. See ya!