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Hope your week Is going well. I have started painting more so this is one of my new paintngs. First you will note it is not realism. I have started painting abstract again because it is a challenge and I have gotten some good feedback and comments on this type of art. second it is allowing me to use different materials and techniques that I want to try out. The other paintings will still be painted but this is my direction now. So there.

This painting is Titled "Patch Work 816.  First Photo is laying out the different textures I had created. DOing this type of painting requires layering and cutting before you are able to start. The painting was started by using a 300# Cold Press Paper. This was sprayed with Liquitex spray paint. its a new product I wanted to use and it is acrylic paint . It costs a bit more then regular spray paint but it provides a excellent smooth consistent surface on the paper. I then spent two days doing acrylic skins, tyvek sheets (plastic based), developing textures on rosin paper and built ups nice inventory  for future use. Also I utilized some of my old water color paintings to build the painting. One neat tool I found is a plastic backing for rugs. It made some very neat textures with modeling paste on rosin paper. I then started attaching the different pieces to the paper to build the painting. Once it dries and sits for a couple of days I will look at it again and see if it needs any more changes. Overall I think it is a great painting, This painting is 16x20 Unframed. Price is $400.

 Have a blessed week and see you soon.