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Ok Good Afternoon. Thought I would share my latest painting and the process that it took to get the above finished painting. Below is the first step after laying out the drawing on canvas


I have found the background needs to be resolved first. Not necessarily the 

final one but a background that will allow me to pick the colors for the subject. The background is Acrylic Paint (French Ultamarine, Phelo Blue and Pale Blue). Once these colors have dried I started on the fish. Below is painting with the next two steps. 

The fish is painted in watercolors utilizing some of the same colors in the back ground but more of a wash then pure paint. I generally do two to three washes with a seal between each one. The seal (Krylon) allows me to develop the colors that I want the fish to have. Next the white areas are modeling paste that I will let dry. These are guides for me to use when I apply the pastels and additional watercolors on the final step. Below

This is the final picture. I have used pastels, additional watercolor washes and improved the top portion of the painting to tie in to the water below the Tarpon. My signature and one last spray of Krylon Matte and this painting is a keeper but not really. Sure some fisherman would love to have this SIlver King in their Man Room or special place. "Silver King" is a Mixed Media 22x28 on canvas unframed.

More blogs coming in the next few weeks. Have a blessed day and see ya.