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Good Morning it has been awhile since my last blog so I apologize about that. Three art shows in six weeks has kept me busy plus a trip to the beach makes for time on my blog slow so slow. The trip to Satellite Beach was alot of fun last week. I took a ton of pictures of the beach and my last two paintings were the result of the trip. I found the water creates a totally different painting then the west coast of Florida. Sarah is saying no more ocean paintings but they are so much fun we will have to see about that.

 Now about the two paintings. Both were from photographs I took on the same day. One at sunrise the other at high tide around 3 in the afternoon. I think the application  of watercolors for both paintings in the sky created a uniques effect. Both are mixed media and are on canvas and a hardboard panel. 

 As I said 3 shows in 6 weeks keeps any artist busy. My last show in Winter Haven was rainy one day but I did receive an award for merit so that made my weekend very nice. One more show before I take a break till the fall. It is scheduled for April 16, 2016 in Dixieland Lakeland Florida. I will have these pictures their along with others so please stop by if you have a chance. 

 Back to the studio. Have a blessed weekend. See Ya!