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"First Snow" is my latest painting for the week. Actually it was a old painting that I had glued some plant cuttings to last summer and I didn't like the way the painting turned out. So I dug it out this week and said let redo this. FIrst I had to paint over the old painting with two coats of Golden Ground White since this painting is on a hardboard panel I found the Golden Ground seems to work the best with watercolors.  Regular Liquitex Gesso seems to give less absorbancy to the watercolor paint. The trees got a extra dose of Golden Ground and then I used some modeling paste around the base of the trees. Watercolor paint is all I have used on this painting. Once I was finished I sprayed it with a Krylon Matte Finish. I probably will give it one more coat before I wire it. It is a 20x24 hardboard panel so it is a bit heavy but overall it should hang just right.