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Good afternoon. Just got home from my studio work and I did complete the painting I had started last week. This has been a interesting painting from start to finish. Here are the steps to complete. 


I am pretty happy with my staying with the pastel study as my basis for the painting. The sky was changed  but overall the study served its purpose and helped with the painting, I started on the hardboard with a good sanding to prepare it for the Gesso, Gesso gives the painting a surface that will  help to hold the water color paint. I put on 3 coats of gesso and sanded each one, After the gesso the next step was 2 coats of Golden Ground. The Golden ground is the best medium I have found to hold watercolors  to a non paper surface. After sanding the Golden Ground surface I was ready to put the rolled cheese cloth covered with a clear gesso to the surface, This help create the waves in the painting. Once this was dried I then was able to cover the surface with LIquitex Modeling Paste. After this dried I completed a frame and attached to the opposite side of the painting so it would be more sturdy, Painting was probably two to 3 coats of watercolors which were varnished and then sanded. I have found with sanding the surface absorbs the colors better. Last step was some ink pencil detail and one last coat of varnish to finish the painting, Overall this painitng took alot of steps but I am very satisfied with the final results. "Seagrove" is a 24x36 painintg on hardboard with Liquidtex Paste, Watercolors, Ink Pencil. Hope you enjoyed the infomation to complete,

 Sarah is heading South this weekend to look for our house in Florida. Will update you on her trip next week. Have a blessed week/ See ya!