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It is Thursday and wanted to start my blog this week. It is a bit different from my normal but I wanted to share with you steps I take on most paintings. First step is the photo I take or that is provided to me. The photo was taken last Thanksgiving when we were at Seagrove Beach in North Florida. The photo was my basis for this painting I am doing.  On this painting I also am doing a  pastel drawing because of  the color and water effects I wanted to achieve. The water is different then the photo but again I wanted to create a calm and serene drawing more then the photo. I also wanted to use pastels to capture colors I am wanting to use in the  painting study. One part of the pastel I changed in the painting study was the sky, Next is the painting study. Again I am working with colors and shapes and utilizing colors I used in the pastel to work with the study. Steps like this are important when I paint. By working with drawings, pastel studies, and watercolor studies you are able to better understand the end product you want to create and where you want you're painting to be. 

I hope to have the painting done next week but if it isn't I will show the progress and steps I am taking to complete. 

Big shout out to our military families and veterans of the armed forces. Thanks for your effort and commitment. Have a blessed and safe Memorial weekend. HOOOAH!