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Good morning to all of you in Lakeland. I hope the Mayfaire (bake by the lake)

is on your agenda for this Mothers Day weekend. I am back in Raleigh and wishing I was able to see the Maufaire and all the great art but sadly not this year. Again I wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who came by Mitchells Coffee House last weekend, The art is up all of May so if you see something you like or see something on my web site email me at or call 863-602-8207.


The piece you see this week was inspired by the long drive back from Lakeland to Raleigh. Driving through South Carolina and North Carolona I continued to see farm land getting ready for the spring. Fields turned over and getting ready to plant. That was the inspiration for "Spring-Farmland. Painting is 18x24 on hard board panel. Modeling paste, watercolors,graphite pencil, and watercolor pencils were used. This will complete my farm land series. Next up the beaches of Florida and North Carolina. 


Enjoy your Mothers day weekend. And again have a blessed week. See ya!