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Good morning the weekend is nearly upon us and spring has arrived. Sarah has her Tulips growing in the yard and the dogwoods are in full bloom. Great time of year in Raleigh.

Farmed Land1 was this weeks painting, I wanted to continue my Farm Land series and I am very comfortable painting in a abstract means rather then realism. As a artist the abstract painting is a extension of an artist's ability to view subjects as a window to their eye and thoughts. I want the viewer to study and see what their thought project is, and with this painting the viewer is able to do this. The painting is 16x20, on 300# Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper wiht modeling paste, frisket, and watercolor paint.

Again remember my art will be on display at Mitchells Coffee House on May 1, 2015 between 5-8 PM for First Friday and I will be there  and then they will hanging  during the month of May. Hope to see you there. 

 Have a blessed weekend and hope to see you soon. See ya!