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Good afternoon everyone. Blog is early this week but I finished this peice today so wanted to share the painting and the steps to create it. 

 First of all I miss the Southwest a bunch so when ever I have a idea of the West it always goes back to the pueblo's in New Mexico and Arizona. I am fascinated by the shapes and smoothness of the buildings and have been always amazed how they were built in some of the most difficult places to get to. Unfortunately this is not a actual copy of any pueblo I know of other then what I wanted to create and show, 

 "Cliff Dwellers" had a few steps to create it so here they are. FIrst I started with a masonite panel 24x24. I needed a base of white and watercolors normally do adhere to most surfaces so I used two coats of  Golden absorbant ground white to prepare the surface, Once that dried I put on a coat of Liquitex modeling paste and used a credit card (expired) to smooth and create the surfaces on the panel. Water colors will adhere to the surace but unless it is real thick it becomes to transparent. to create the surfaces and colors on the cliff I would put color on it and then use a rag to scrub it  off leaving color on the surface. This was repeated many times to give the surface the look of rocks and cliffs with multiple colors. Shadows were created using darker palette colors. Three days of work which is  beyond my normal painting time for one piece but I am very satisfied with the finshed painting. This piece will be at MIchtell's Coffe House in May so come by and see it.

 OK thats it. Have a great week and will see you soon,