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Well back in the saddle painting this week. Two pieces completed. First picture is Pueblo- Winter January. Actually I had done a study to complete this piece but ended up selling it at the VAE gallery over the holidays so I had to work off the picture I had taken of it. I like this piece I think better because of the colors I was able to achieve with the pueblo and the trees and snow colors are more vibrant with a negative application that pulls the colors out. This piece is 18x24 Watercolor on 300 # Fabiano Cold Pressed Paper.


 The second painting is Seagrove Beach near Destin Florida, I had taken some  photos at Thanksgiving and had started this piece but had put it to the side, I ran across it this week and wanted to finish it, The picture achieved the whitness of the beach and at the same time the beauty of the dunes and sea oats and grass, Anyone who ever wanted to see the prettiest beaches in Florida needs to go to the panhandle, This piece is 11x14 on 140 # Fabiano Cold pressed Paper.


 I started a 3rd piece but still am working on it, hope to finish next week, Well bout it, We are going to get some bone chillin weather here this next week so thinking bout sunny Florida pretty hard, I get to dog sit and wife gets the Sun this time, Stay warm and have a blessed week. Seez Ya!