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Hope everyone is having a great week. Been chilly here in Raleigh. Looking for some warmer weather maybe by weekend  In  the 50's. Anyway this 1959 Cadilaac Coupe Deville Series 62 will conclude my car series for awhile unless someone wants a commission piece. We have painted some Pontiacs, A Corevette, A VW Truck,  A Chevrolet, And now a Cadillac. The piece is title "The Boat". It was 18.75 ft long and wouldn't fit in most garages in the 1950's. The painting is watercolor and is 15x22 on 300 # paper. Enjoyed painting these cars and the memories they have provided over the last year. This one along with some others will be in show in January 2015. Will update you when more information is available for time and dates. Have a blessed week and a great weekend.