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Hope everyone is having a great week. Just finished this piece today in class. Title is "Into My Forest. This piece was actually started in my collage class and finished in my studio class. it is 24x 24 on a wood panel with mixed media attached to it Utilized alot of different applications. Have only water colors on this, with a alcohol wash, Salt application, Pieces of old paintings attached and washed with water colors and ink.. Reverse image photos were used along with a hand sander to pull colors up to the surface. Last I used a rag and washes to pull more color to surface. Has a satin varnish to protect the surface as the last step. I Really enjoyed this piece. Lots of applications and really is a provoking image to say "Into My Forest. My direction and interpretation  was a forest on the left side with growth and beauty and the forest on the right with suburbia  and man taking away parts of nature we all enjoy. Mother Nature's  concern is her forest. Have a blessed weekend. I will be out of town next week so see you after Thanksgiving. Have a safe holiday and see ya.