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Hope everyone's week is going well. I am early this week, but only 1 class so thought I would share this piece. A little history first. I was fortunate enought around 10 years ago to make a trip on part of the old Route 66 in Western Arizona. Favorite stop was  Seligman AZ and the Snow Cap, Great burgers, and the booby trap handles the owner would share. A real nostolgia town by all means. Also along the way  the prairie dogs mounds and beautiful mountains. For anyone who wants a trip back to yesterday, it is Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angles. 

I am sharing on this piece yester year....  a old 1954 Pontiac some where between LA and  Kansas.  Fighting the map, unfolding it to late oh I missed my turn, no  GPS,   no gas stations, no A/C or WIFI  Are we there yet and the pit stops on the side of the road. Worked for me. That's is what this piece is  about. "Get Your KIcks On" Mine was Route 66, what is yours? All of this piece is mainly a collage with mixed media of water color, acrylic, graphite pencil, colored pencil and is11x16 on a board. Enjoy your week! and "Get Your Kicks On"