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Hope everyone has had a good week. Finished this piece yesterday after class. 

Title is "The Bench" all Watercolor on 12x16 140# paper. History on this piece was another picture I took in Charleston last summer. Sarah and I had left a great restaurant ,after a late lunch and stepped out on the side walk and these two ladies were behiind us. When we came to the stop light at the corner I looked back and noticed they had stopped and had sat on a near by bench, I think they were mom and daughter and they were talking and looking down the street. The photo captured what I needed to paint. I wanted to capture the anticipation of the wait on the bench, of the mom looking down the street for someone or something  and the  daughter sitting and thinking in deep thought. Two different generations one bench sharing both. Fun piece to paint and though it took longer then I wanted I am  happy with the way it turned out. 

 That is it for the week. Art work shop next week so we will see if that improves anything. in my painting. Have a great and blessed weekend. See ya!!