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Well I finally got my Corvette. This could be  1954 or is it a 1955, honestly I am not sure. We do know the color is a Polo White. Only 5 colors were offered  by Chevrolet  and it had the  power glide automatic 6 cylinder if it was a 1954 and if  it was a 1955  you could get a V8 also and a 3 speed manual on the later models that year. In  1954 3,640 were built. If it was a 1955 only 700 were made. Let's rewind a bit. The reason I am unsure of the year is I discovered the original car at the Burger King in Lakeland Fl. on a Friday night. I was the weekly car show.  Owner wasn't around so I snapped a picture. If anyone from Lakeland frequents the car show maybe they can share the actual year of the this Corvette. 

 I wanted to keep the corvette in my painting as close as possible to the real  photo. This is all water color and is 16 x 20 painting on 140# cold pressed paper. I am doing a all car paintings  show at a local restaurant here in Raleigh after the first of year and this beauty will be part of it. Have a great weekend and stay warm. Cold weather is on its way here  Monday, Have a blessed week to. Se Ya!