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Well all had gotten back to normal after the art fair. Back in the zone for painting so lets talk about it.

First painting is titled "Fall Fancy Charleston". SInce I sold "Spring Bling" at the art fair I thought I would do a fall picture of same alley called "Fall Fancy Charleston". Again lots of washes, splattering paint and scrubbiing got the results I wanted. The depth I achieved with the pencil water color pencil graphite and gesso wash  also supports the piece.

It is now entered in a participants show at the Pullen Art Center for a show in November and December.

The second piece is simply "The Clonts Building". There is lots of history with this building in Lakeland. It was built in 1903 and has been a bank, a department store, a pawn shop, a restaurant and a quilt shop. Possibly more I just don't know. I inerpreted this piece as a surrealism piece. Accurate to a extent but washes and

scrubbing created almost a blurred interpretation of the old beauty. It is a water color water color pencil, graphite and a gesso wash. Hope to bting this piece down in April for my show. 

Well as you see I have been busy. Hope your week has been good and have a blessed weekend. See ya!!