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Great trip to Lakeland and a visit with family and friends. Always like the trips South. Anyway the first picture I included is a study of Lake Mirror. A study is a study and at 7 AM in the morning on a Saturday the colors are really at their best with the sun coming up, the lake is alive with color everything is just right for a great photo. Studies are exactly what they are. You are trying to get the picture correct or it may be incorrect for the final painting. So, you review your painting to see what is wrong and improve on the next one. I actually use a very large brush and a small piece of paper to work and make myself look at colors and shapes and not so much the detail. Next time this is done it will be close but not so much with detail. 

Green Pontiac or is it the Green Hornet not quite sure. This was a piece I started right before I came to Florida so I wrapped it up today. Yes I did find a car show at Burger King Friday night in Lakeland in a Monsoon and was able to get a few pics to use. This is all water color and the blue background is made, laying down your paint and then using saran wrap to squeeze the paint in different directions. After that a gesso was used and a hard 1 inch brush to scruband  to lift some of the color. This is on 300# paper and is 16x20.

Bought it folks have a safe Labor day weekend and see oyu next week.