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Waiting At The Station

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire 2



Good afternoon and hope everyone is having a great day. Cool here in Lakeland and fitting for the 2nd day of November. Where has this year gone to. 

  I posted up 3 images so lets talk about them, First image is Waiting at the Station.. It is a photo of the AMTrack Station in Winter Haven Fl. I loved the perspective application and the openess and minimalist structure it represents. No hustle and bustle either. Just a train station , built as they say, old school. Thought it would be a perfect entry for Rails and Trails show in Lake Alfred, by the Ridge Art Association at the Lake Alfred City Hall. Show will be up for a year. Stop by and check the art out by some great artists. The piece won a Award of Excellence so I was happy and humbled by that. 

 Next up are two paintings from The Valley of Fire State Park In Nevada. Over the years I had made a couple of stops there, but not really taking many photos. Fortunatley my two sons were in Vegas for a U2 Concert and I asked for some photos and they went to The Valley of Fire and took some. So working with photo images I am creating a series of painting on 10x16 birch panels of the park. I am working on a 3rd one now. They will be available soon so if you have a interest let me know.

I haven't traveled out West since March so this was a great opportunity for me to have some new material to paint. 

 I am still being supported by Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. If you are interested in some of my work please contact them. 

 2023 is closing quickly. I am working as always on new paintings. Locally I will do the annual show at the Ridge Art Gallery in WInter

Haven in January 2024. I hope to get some new work out  West if the market gets better. My studio is filling up. As always any interest in my work please contact me or call, Information is on my Website or my profile on Instagram at( steve.latimer)

 that it for now. Take care and have a good month! See Ya!