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Good Morning and hope your having a great Wednesday. Thought I would get this blog out. I finished Breakin Loose  this week. Well in theory its done but it still needs the varnish and frame. Some how this painting came about by watching some old John Ford movies. One of my favorite directors of all time. The Arizona backgrounds, the granduer of the wide spaces, and of course the actors all made the movies fun to watch. The Searchers, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, My Darling Clementine. So I researched and came up with Breakin Loose. The painting is a 12x36 oil on canvas. I totally think the width of the painting and the riders driving hard on their horses left to right gives the viewer a feeling of urgency and action. Of course the last rider is a tag along but all the old movies had such characters. Slim Pickens or Gabby Hayes were always there. Anyway it states the love of Western riders Breakin Loose. The Largeness of Arizona Landscape and cowboys riding hard. 

 Not doing any shows in the immediate future but I am entering a Members show at the Ridge Art Association in Winter haven at the end of September. I have a few pieces to enter in that show. Also my work  continues to be supported by the Faust Gallery in both Santa Fe New Mexico and Scottsdale Arizona. 

   Thats all for this blog. Have a great week and take care. See ya!