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Good afternoon: nice rain for a hot day today. Cooled down to 80. 

 Solitude is a 12x12 oil on canvas. I wanted a painting that represented a solo cowboy  and alone. I then wanted to have it in a desert but maybe a extreme desert. Growing up in El Paso as a youth, we would got to the desert alot and one of the area near us was White Sands National Park in New Mexico..White Sands National park gives  a feeling of complete solitude when you are their because that is all you can see.  White Sand Dune Fields for miles and miles . White Sands does allow horses in the park but you must get a permit for entry. So to me my cowboy was a good representation on a horse with the White Sand Fields as a back drop. Solitude and alone. 


 I entered this painting  in the current show at the Ridge Art Association Gallery in WInter haven Fl. . The shows title is Black and White and a touch of color. I was excited  to learn it won Best of Show. The painting serves its self well and I am humbled to have won the award. Solitude 13x13 oil Framed. 

 I am painting this summer. Its been slow for my art out West this summer. Hopefully it will pic up in the galleries. I am planning to enter the Members show  for Ridge Art Association in September. Show will run in October,. Other the that the brings us up to date For August. 

  Take Care and have a blessed weeki. SeeYa!