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Good afternoon. Thought I would get a short blog out on my latest painting. Red Mesa July Storm was developed from photos taken of the Red Mesa in Arizona at the Navajo Nation. I had a photo but the day was actually very clear without many clouds. I worked with some photos of large thunderstorm clouds I had and incorporated them with this painting. I am really happy the way it turned out. The Painting becones the 9th I have painted of the Red Mesa. Each is different with the palette and day time. All have the red sandstone though and the deep shadows pentrating the landscape. Red Mesa 24x24 oil on gallery canvas unframed. c2023.

 I am doing a few paintings per month for gallery work  and I would like to say I am open to commissions if it involves Western art. Please contact me if you have a interest in a commission work. 

 All for this blog. Take care  Steve