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Good morning and hope all are doing well. I wanted to get this blog out while I had time. I have been busy painting and getting ready for a show in Santa Fe New Mexico in September. I have done 6 new paintings for the show. These 3 are my most recent paintings.  My style is changing some what. I still enjoy the realist point of painting and I am doing that type from time to time. I am  enjoying the minimalist approach to art. Reducing images to shapes and angles and parallel lines elongated across the painting. My palette has been also reduced. 

It is a new direction and we will see how it evolves. 

 The Show in Santa Fe opens September 15th at the Faust Gallery. I am excited for this show and the time and energy the Faust Gallery is putting into all of my shows. Thank you Bill Faust. Also I will have some work in the Black and White show at the Ridge Art Association show this month and its Members show later this year.

 That's my summer so far. Hope yours is going well.  Will try to have another blog soon. Take care and see ya.