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Good Morning and hope everyone is doing well. Today is May 7th Mothers Day Weekend. May Faire by the Lake here in Lakealand this weekend so I will be going to that. Looks like great weather and hopefully not to hot. 

 This is my newest painting titled Monument Skies. It is 19 x37 oil Framed. I have been on a Monument Valley  kick lately. I referenced this painting with some of the Sandstone Buttes and Mesas at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribual Park. I just enjoy the wide sweeping skies and openess this park provides.. The drive to this area is about 320 miles from Phoenix Arizona so it is a good drive if you want to take it. 

 Working on a show in Santa Fe later this year. Will let all know when it is and more information when I get it. 

Hope everyone has a great Mothers Day weekend.. Take care and see ya.