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Good morning gret day here in Lakeland Florida. This is my latest painting Monument Morning a 36x36 oil on linen. I am really happy with this painting. It trully shows the expanse and largeness of Monument Valley in Northern Arizona. I will be doing a show at the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico this summer  and this will be one of the main paintings in the show. Speaking of shows my show in Scottsdale Arizona  last month went really well. A good response to my art and selling 5 Paintings to collectors really made my trip woth while.  Art will be up in gallery until April 17th. Thanks so much to the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale for the promotional work and great presentation. You guys rock Bill and Michael. 

 That is pretty much a wrap. Not doing any local shows till maybe Aviation in Winter Haven. Possibly some others. Stay tuned. 

Have a blessed week. See ya!