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Good Morning to all. I wanted to get this latest painting up on my website. Titled Arizona Palette 12x36 oil on a gallery canvas. I thought about this painting for a bit and what I wanted to paint is a palette that serves Arizona well in color. Also the shapes from top to bottom have the character of the mesa, buttes and clouds. I continued with parallel shapes to creat distance and perspective in this painting. Simple and minimalist it creates to the eye and viewer  the essence of a Arizona evening palette of color and shapes. 

 Also the Latest edition of Western Art Collector March Issue #175 is currently available on news and book store stands. On Page 126 is an article about my art and show at the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona running from March 17-April 17 2022 Title of Show is Chasing Shadows. There should be around 14 paintings in this show. I am very humbled to have this opportunity of which started in 2019 on my trip to Arizona and Utah. Thanks to Faust Gallery and Western Art Collector Magazine for helping out on this endeavor.

That's it!  Have a great blessed week and see ya!