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Good Morning to all. Been a few months since my last Blog so lets dig right in.

Painting I have attached is Marble Canyon Shadows. This was based on a photo I took in 2019 on a trip to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I wanted this painting to show depth and perspective with a simple color palette. Painting is 24x36 oil on canvas unframed. 

 I recently sent this painting along with Canyon Shadows to the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. We are planning on a show in the Gallery March 17, 2022 which will run for 2 weeks. I still am in the process of completing additional paintings so it has kept me quite busy. Advertisement for this show will be coming out in a magazine titled " Western Art Collector". Once I have the information I will provide it on my blog. 

 My blogs seem to be few and far between as of late. I hope to improve on that in 2022. 

Have a great week and see everyone again soon.