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Good Afternoon to everyone, I am getting this Blog out before the end of October. Lot of rain today and wind but it is clearing now and we should get a taste of cool weather finally this weekend. 

Red Mesa Morning is my latest painting. This is a 11x21 oil on a gallery canvas framed. The mesa is one I have painted numerous times over the last two years but I wanted to use a minimalism approach to this painting. My paintings have leaned more to minimalism over the last two years. I enjoy painting this way. Simplfying the shapes and angles of Western mesa an mountains is really a fun way to paint, I will continue to paint this way but drop some realism in from time to time., I am offering this painting for sale  framed and with free shipping. If you are interested please message me on Facebook or Instagram. These are the only social media sites I use.  The show at the Ridge Art Assocation in WInter Haven is wrapping up very soon. The gallery is open during the week but check the hours before you go. This is the annual members show. I have 3 paintings in the exhibit.

 I am getting ready to show my art again in Scottsdale Az at the Faust Gallery after the first of the year. I will provided some exciting information I am working on as week get closer to the show date. I think it should be fun and informative. 

 Thats all for this blog. See you again soon and take care.