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Good Afternoon

I was looking back on my blogs and see the last time I had a blog was in March. 

So it is good to put one out again.

 WIder Open Skies is an additional open spaces series I started earlier in the

year. This painting is referenced for the Four Corners Area of Arizona where Monument Valley is. I really like this area of Arizona and Utah. I have used this area for other paintings also recently. The painting is 16x20 oil on a linen panel. I am trying to work with linen either in canvas or panels. I find the smoothness and texture for oils is really very good compared to a standard cotton canvas. This painting will be going to the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico later this month. The gallery is providing me a wall space for my art and I really am excited about that. The Faust Gallery has really promoted my art in Scottsdale Arizona and Santa Fe New Mexico. Thanks Bill so much.. I was really pleased with the Winter season in Scottsdale  with the Faust Gallery because they sold four of my painting. I am currently working on more paintings for Santa Fe with its summer season starting later this month. It should be much better now that the pandemic is slowing down and people are getting vaccinated. Looking foreward to possibly going to the Gallery in July. 

  I am not really doing any art locally. Southwest art in Florida seems odd to show so I will continue working out West for most of the remainder of the year with some shows and the Faust Gallery. I am planning a trip West so that will be fun also. 

 Well thats all for this blog. Enjoy the Mothers Day Weekend and will see you soon.