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Good morning Thought I would get  a blog out today since we are now in September and I havent put a blog out for 3 months.

 FIrst this painting is FIrst Snow Cainesville Badlands. I completed it last month, Another painting from my trip to Utah last September. Boy how time flies. The Badlands is made  up of old mud flows from volcanos and it is really a very desolate area near Capitol Reef Utah. I was there of course when it wasn't snowing so that was added to my painting.. Painting is 12x24 on a gallery wrap canvas. 

 Updates on my art. Currently I have 3 paintings that are at the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. If interested go to and look me up under artists. Also In May I was selected by the Western Gallery in Dallas Texas to show my art with 46 other national artists for a show that ran during May on the their website. It was a national show so really was excited to be accepted. 

 Locally not much going on for my art although I did win a Award of Excellence at the new show at the Haines City Public Library. Reception is September 17th and should be hung now. 

 I am consistently entering shows out West so will update when any good news comes from that. All for now. 

 So glad when this pademic can be ended with a vaccine and when  we can see life near a new norm again. We did get our flu  shot so that is good. 

Stay say and mask up and practice social distance. See ya!