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Assembled Photo 1

Unassembled Photo 2

Sketch for assemblage. Photo 3

Good afternoon: Been awhile since I have blogged but thought I would get one out. During art shows I have gotten alot of questions about, what are wood assemblages? 

Easiest answer  they are wood pieces assembled together to form one completed object or a wood assemblage. 

 My process starts with a sketch which is a basic idea. Generally the sketch and finished project can change dramatically but the sketch is the basic idea . The current assemblage is " View FInder". Idea for this piece was a old view finder I had when I was about 10 years old. Back then  the view finder might have photos of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or  New York City. Clicking away you could travel to all these neat places. Anyway my view finder has Iconic People, A TV Character, And Pop Art.

 Photo 2 has all the parts unassembled  except for a few that will make up my view finder. I really love doing Assemblages  because you are putting the pieces together an making something that you sketched  and  cut, sawed painted and glued together and always changing something till it is finished.

 "Twists and Turns" wood assemblage is that has been  sold, Next week "View FInder " will be  assembled and made ready for a show. Now you know what Wood Assemblges are about. Check out my other pieces on my web site. See Ya!