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Good Afternoon: We have made it to June and no rain today. Wow for that after over 17 inches in the month of May. Anyway lets get to my latest Piece. 


"Pilot- Strategic Air Command - Pease AFB 1962." is a Prismacolor Pencil 16x20 Matted. Little history on this piece. My father served in the Air Force as a pilot for over 22 years. His last assignment was  in Portsmouth, NH. at Pease Air Force Base with the 100th  Bomb Wing and the Strategic Air Command.. During the year 1962 the Cuban Missle Crisis was taking place and the squadron at Pease AFB was made up of the B-47 Stratojets. Due to the tension going on with Russia and the United States the pilots were put on alert and had to be ready to be in the air immediately to stop at all costs any chance for a nuclear war. 

I think the piece shows the resolve our military had during that tense period of 1962 

and thanks to my dad and all millitary personel who have served and are serving to protect our nation. 

 Hopefully this piece will be juried in to the Aviation show at WInter Haven Airport coming up in June. 

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy it. See ya!