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Good Afternoon! Hope your week is going well. Thought I would share some info on my latest piece. New direction in art so I am excited about it. 

 I started doing  assemblage art last year and did a piece for the Melvin Gallery show at Florida Southern College and was fortunate to sell it. So I wanted to do another piece this year and a  previous blog you saw that piece "Hidden Secrets". This piece is totally different and is all wood. Going back to my Western roots and always been drawn to canyons and mountains in Utah and Arizona I developed this piece. Rocks pushed together with cracks and slate pieces makes awesome natural art. "Evening Bluffs" was my take on that rocks and canyons in Utah.

 Unfortunately my tools are minimal so after two weeks cutting with a hand saw(s),  electric jig saw and electrical sander  that wanted to die I finally got this piece

placed together. Texture is a combination of liquid acrylic paint and pastel chalk layered on.  It is protected with a Krylon Varnish and is wired to hang. I think it turned out well. This piece and Hidden Secrets will be entered in a Jury show again this year at Melvin Gallery at Florida Southern College in May put on by the Lakeland Art Guild. 

 Hope you like it. Also anyone has any old electric jig saws are small table saw and is tired of them let me know. Have a blessed week and as always see ya!