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Good morning from this cold Florida. Just a couple more days and then back to shorts and tee shirts I hope. 


"Cave Dweller" is a continued series of paintings I started about 3 years ago. Cliff Dweller was the previous painting and was done when we lived in Raleigh. 

 This painting is 24x24 on a birch panel and is considered a mixed media. The mediums I used were mainly watercolors, fluid acrylics and acrylic paint,  modeling paste red rosin paper. The birch panel was prepped with 3 coats of coarse white grounds which is similar to gesso but will allow watercolor paint to adhere to it. Layers were sealed with a Krylon Crystal Clear seal spray. As I added layers of watercolors and blended them I had  to seal each layer before putting another transparent layer of watercolors. 

  Over all it turned out to be a very nice painting.

As a note the Ridge Art Association in Winter Haven, Florida  is having its annual Juried Members show this month and I have two paintings in the show. Stop by if you have time. 

 Have a great blessed weekend. See Ya!