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Good Morning! First blog of August and the summer is slowly going away with 

Seotember creeping closer and closer. Have enjoyed my summer greatly with two trips to West Coast of Florida. Englewood and Bradenton Beach both have great beaches but the Loggerheads have gone crazy laying eggs on them. With the tropical storm Emily disturbing and washing many of the nests away we will see how this beautiful turtle does . 

 Both of these pieces are pencil drawings of Loggerheads. "looking" is a 16x20 Prismacolor pencil with about 85 hours in time to complete. Layering pencil is very time consuming and just a lot of work to complete. I am very happy with the finished product. "Soaring" also is a 16x20 Prismacolor pencil with about 75 hours to complete.  I really enjoy working with Prismacolor pencil because of the depth of color when blending. 

 No upcoming shows coming up but I have been asked to do a show at Mitchell's in 2018 and will let you know when that show will take place. Have a great blessed week and will see ya!