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Good Morning! Hope your week is well and you have some rain. We see rain very seldom now. The yard is a dust bowl at times and this is Florida. What is that all about. Anyway lets get dow to the art show last week and the Wisdom I gained.

First of all the St John River Festival of the Arts in Sanford Florida is a wonderful show and venue for artists. The quality of art and amount of good art was incredible  and the public did show up. Crowds as large as Mayfaire and Mount Dora I am sure.  I had so many people talk  art with me and potentially want to buy some paintings and I also donated a painting. GOOD STUFF!

Now for my meltdown. Outdoor shows provide a learning experience for all artists. 

Whether it is the heat, rain, wind, bad location, lack of people, poor art ( they do show up). I had some of these experiences this past weekend. Wind and Tent were my nemesis. To say the least, the wind played havoc all day Saturday. My tent was not ready for the constant wind with gusts up to 35 MPH.... My Panels with paintings suffered also like lined up dominos they took the fall. Needless to say my largest paintings took a beating and were damaged. Repair is possible on one but the other becmes questionable. The tent will show up on Craigs List at some point I am sure. My whining is over and looking back it was a learning experience for me. All artists, who do outdoor shows, experience  these same issues I think. My art will go on and maybe more outdoor shows in the future with a new and better tent. 

Thats all for the week. Have a blessed Mothers Day Weekend and see you soon. See ya!