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Good Morning. It is Monday and can you believe it actually rained today. First time I think in about 3 weeks. We are so deep in a drought here in Central Florida so I am hoping we can see a rainy season start soon. 

 Ok about the painting "Strength". This painting was a followup up to another painting I used copper in. called "Differences." As you see the figures are not in a realism format but it is the motion and movement, of the figures,  I am trying to show with this painting. The painting has Liquid Acrylics, Watercolors, Copper and seed pods from a Tabula Tree. The painting is 12x36x1.5 Inches on a Wrapped Canvas. This painting also will be at the Juried Show, Saint Johns River Festival of Arts in Historic Downtown  Sanford Florida May 6-7, 2017. Hope some of you can make it. 

Have a blessed week and see ya.