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Good Morning to all of you, Thanks for coming out to the Bloomin Art Show in Bartow this past weekend. Lots of people and enjoyed meeting  you and talking art. A great weekend for art. I was fortunate to win an award so that improved the weekend also.

" Differences" is a copper piece on Canvas I did last week and it was in the show in Bartow. The figures are abstract but I wanted them to be seen as figures dealing with motion, sadness, uncertainty and of course differences in shapes and sizes.. I used as mediums liquid acrylics, watercolors, copper and bean pods. This piece is 15x30x1.5 on Canvas.


Speaking of shows this will be my next one



  This show is a juried show in Sanford, Florida May 6-7. It is a ways from Lakeland but a nice drive to a great venue for Art. Hope some of you can make it. That is it. Hope your have a great day and a blessed week. See Ya