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Ok Good Afternoon. Thought I would share my latest painting and the process that it took to get the above finished painting. Below is the first step after laying out the drawing on canvas


I have found the background needs to be resolved first. Not necessarily the 

final one but a background that will allow me to pick the colors for the subject. The background is Acrylic Paint (French Ultamarine, Phelo Blue and Pale Blue). Once these colors have dried I started on the fish. Below is painting with the next two steps. 

The fish is painted in watercolors utilizing some of the same colors in the back ground but more of a wash then pure paint. I generally do two to three washes with a seal between each one. The seal (Krylon) allows me to develop the colors that I want the fish to have. Next the white areas are modeling paste that I will let dry. These are guides for me to use when I apply the pastels and additional watercolors on the final step. Below

This is the final picture. I have used pastels, additional watercolor washes and improved the top portion of the painting to tie in to the water below the Tarpon. My signature and one last spray of Krylon Matte and this painting is a keeper but not really. Sure some fisherman would love to have this SIlver King in their Man Room or special place. "Silver King" is a Mixed Media 22x28 on canvas unframed.

More blogs coming in the next few weeks. Have a blessed day and see ya.

Good afternoon. Working towards the end of the week so I wanted to get one more painting done before the weekend.

"My My Mahi Mahi" is the start of my under water series hopefully all found in Florida Waters. Still time to paint Tarpon, Snook, Barracuda, Others maybe. This painting took some time because it started with acrylics that had to be sealed, then watercolors that had to be sealed on each glazing layer. Once the painting was finished it was sealed again with a Krylon Spray. The painting is 24x24 unframed on canvas. Last painting for a few weeks but look for the Silver King next. Have a blessed weekend. See ya!!

Good morning! Hope your week is going well. Thought I would share a blog since I completed this painting yesterday. 

 Yes being here in Florida I paint so many seascapes and sunsets. Now I am starting a series of what is under our oceans. This fish is called a Racoon Butterfly Fish and no it isn't in our gulf or our part of the Atlantic. It can be found in the Pacific and off the Coast of South Africa. I was facinated by the colors and so I used a photograph to paint it. This is a 18x20 Acrylic painting on Canvas. I am working on some local fishes for the future so keep your eyes open on that. 

  Have a blessed week and stay cool. See Ya1

 Enjoy your week!!

Good morning. Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. I went back to my

last blog and that was in May. Seems our summer has gotten away from me on blogging so here I am today. We spent time in North Carolina, Atlanta and Ft Myers Beach this summer so my photos are many .

These two paintings are from some of the photos I have taken. Both are from our trip to Bald Head Island in NC.  The first is a acrylic undercoat and has oils used for highlights. It is on canvas. I haven't used oils before so this is a work in progress.  The second painting is all watercolors an is on  300# paper. I have drifted from watercolors lately but they still are my BFF so look for more in the future. 

 WIth the Lakeland Art Guild I have a piece currently at the Lakeland Center. It will be their until September. Also In the future I am doing another month long hang of my art at Mitchell's Coffee House in Lakeland this November. More info as we get closer. Have a blessed week stay cool and see you soon.

Ok I had to redo part of this painting. I walked by it the last two days and constantly thought that road just doesn't seem to work. So I said heading east 6 AM does that mean on a road, looking East, Flying East? Maybe this works better so a little tissue paper and paint and voola the road disappears, the clouds are improved and now it is finished. Again this is "Heading East 6AM", Mixed Media on Canvas unframed painted to the edges. Have a blessed weekend. See Ya!

Good Afternoon to all. Here it is May and my first blog for a bit. Need to get here more often but my painting has slowed since the art season for shows is pretty much over here in Florida till November. Anyway this was a neat painting I just completed.
"Heading East 6AM" Got in my head a bit after watching the History of The Eagles and listening to Jackson Browne's "Ol 55" by The Eagles. My Western Influence hangs around alot so this was my take and I really like the way it came out. It could be New Mexico or Arizona both are just this way heading East at 6AM. Hope you enjoy it also.

This is a 24x24x1.5 Mixed Media on Canvas. Have a blessed week and get out and see some art. See Ya!





Just a brief summary of ths painting. "Into My City" was painted to replace "Into My Forest" which was sold at a recent show. The series has been on going in my mind for the last two years when I first painted the face in this painting. This painting is made up of paintings I have painted and city photos I took when we lived in Raleigh and also a trip to Savannah Ga. It is a mixed media on a hardboard panel. 


Good Morning it has been awhile since my last blog so I apologize about that. Three art shows in six weeks has kept me busy plus a trip to the beach makes for time on my blog slow so slow. The trip to Satellite Beach was alot of fun last week. I took a ton of pictures of the beach and my last two paintings were the result of the trip. I found the water creates a totally different painting then the west coast of Florida. Sarah is saying no more ocean paintings but they are so much fun we will have to see about that.

 Now about the two paintings. Both were from photographs I took on the same day. One at sunrise the other at high tide around 3 in the afternoon. I think the application  of watercolors for both paintings in the sky created a uniques effect. Both are mixed media and are on canvas and a hardboard panel. 

 As I said 3 shows in 6 weeks keeps any artist busy. My last show in Winter Haven was rainy one day but I did receive an award for merit so that made my weekend very nice. One more show before I take a break till the fall. It is scheduled for April 16, 2016 in Dixieland Lakeland Florida. I will have these pictures their along with others so please stop by if you have a chance. 

 Back to the studio. Have a blessed weekend. See Ya!