Good Morning! First blog of August and the summer is slowly going away with 

Seotember creeping closer and closer. Have enjoyed my summer greatly with two trips to West Coast of Florida. Englewood and Bradenton Beach both have great beaches but the Loggerheads have gone crazy laying eggs on them. With the tropical storm Emily disturbing and washing many of the nests away we will see how this beautiful turtle does . 

 Both of these pieces are pencil drawings of Loggerheads. "looking" is a 16x20 Prismacolor pencil with about 85 hours in time to complete. Layering pencil is very time consuming and just a lot of work to complete. I am very happy with the finished product. "Soaring" also is a 16x20 Prismacolor pencil with about 75 hours to complete.  I really enjoy working with Prismacolor pencil because of the depth of color when blending. 

 No upcoming shows coming up but I have been asked to do a show at Mitchell's in 2018 and will let you know when that show will take place. Have a great blessed week and will see ya!


Good afternoon. Writing this blog from the beach. Little warm outside so enjoying some quiet time. Loggerhead 2 I finished before we left for the beach so it was pretty much done. Struggling if it needs any background so will experiment when I get back home. This Prismacolor Pencil drawing is 16x20 up framed on paper. I am having fun with sea animals so look for some more.  Well back to the beach here in a few. Enjoy the 4th and be safe. Take care and have a blessed weekend. See ya.




Good Afternoon. It has been a few weeks since I have posted any news or paintings

so thought I would today. I have been entering some local shows but that is about  it and I finished this peice today. 

"Loggerhead" Is a piece I had done in watercolors about 4 years ago and I wanted to

do it again in pencil. I haven't done any pencil drawings in years so this was a real 

challenge and took so many more hours to complete then my paintings. I have had a lot of feedback lately on more seascapes and water animals so maybe with the summer on us I will get a few done. I like this piece because he just seems to be floating along enjoying life at its best.  That's water turtles do. This peice was done with Prismacolor Pencils on Paper. Hope you enjoy it. I have a couple of paintings at the Lakeland Civic Center Juried  show by the Lakeland Art Guild up until October so if you stop by the show is in the area of the box offices and check it out. 

All for the week. On to my next Pencil Drawing. Have a blessed day and See Ya!


Happy Mothers day to all this sunny Sunday. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and if you live in Lakeland you make it down to Mayfaire  Art Show to see some excellent art. 

 This painting, "Twilight- Green Swamp", I sold yesterday to a couple from Orlando who had seen it at the show in Sanford. Glad to see it find  a home. This painting had a lot of great mediums going on with it, including Fluid acrylics, Watercolors, Yupo Paper, Tissue Paper, modeling paste. It is 30x40 on canvas framed. 

 Have a blessed Mothers day and get outdoors and enjoy the weather. See Ya!


Good Morning! Hope your week is well and you have some rain. We see rain very seldom now. The yard is a dust bowl at times and this is Florida. What is that all about. Anyway lets get dow to the art show last week and the Wisdom I gained.

First of all the St John River Festival of the Arts in Sanford Florida is a wonderful show and venue for artists. The quality of art and amount of good art was incredible  and the public did show up. Crowds as large as Mayfaire and Mount Dora I am sure.  I had so many people talk  art with me and potentially want to buy some paintings and I also donated a painting. GOOD STUFF!

Now for my meltdown. Outdoor shows provide a learning experience for all artists. 

Whether it is the heat, rain, wind, bad location, lack of people, poor art ( they do show up). I had some of these experiences this past weekend. Wind and Tent were my nemesis. To say the least, the wind played havoc all day Saturday. My tent was not ready for the constant wind with gusts up to 35 MPH.... My Panels with paintings suffered also like lined up dominos they took the fall. Needless to say my largest paintings took a beating and were damaged. Repair is possible on one but the other becmes questionable. The tent will show up on Craigs List at some point I am sure. My whining is over and looking back it was a learning experience for me. All artists, who do outdoor shows, experience  these same issues I think. My art will go on and maybe more outdoor shows in the future with a new and better tent. 

Thats all for the week. Have a blessed Mothers Day Weekend and see you soon. See ya!







Good afternoon. Nice quiet Thursday here and just finished my last painting for the show next week. I have a number of new paintings so try and stop by and take a look at them. 

"Surfaces" is another abstract landscape I wanted to do. This painting has the effect of three different surfaces. I wanted to create a ruralscape, a dried up scape and a waterscape. The illusion of all three are there in the painting. The mediums used 

are Fuid Acrylics Watercolors, Ink, Modeling paste, Caulk, Red Rosin paper, Tyvek,

Iron paint application.  The painting is 16x20 and matted and framed. 

 I will provide a booth number next week to share for show in Sanford Florida. 

Have a blessed remainder of week. See ya!

Good Morning. It is Monday and can you believe it actually rained today. First time I think in about 3 weeks. We are so deep in a drought here in Central Florida so I am hoping we can see a rainy season start soon. 

 Ok about the painting "Strength". This painting was a followup up to another painting I used copper in. called "Differences." As you see the figures are not in a realism format but it is the motion and movement, of the figures,  I am trying to show with this painting. The painting has Liquid Acrylics, Watercolors, Copper and seed pods from a Tabula Tree. The painting is 12x36x1.5 Inches on a Wrapped Canvas. This painting also will be at the Juried Show, Saint Johns River Festival of Arts in Historic Downtown  Sanford Florida May 6-7, 2017. Hope some of you can make it. 

Have a blessed week and see ya. 

Good morning. It is a beautiful week and I am enjoying it a bunch. I did Earth=Water + Sun about two months ago but it just didn't seem like it was finished enough. It sat on my desk a while  and did a show in Bartow but it needed to be redone a bit. I put a larger base on it to give the piece more depth and I think I achieved it. There are a couple of art shows coming up and I hope it gets juried  in so we will see. Remember May 6-7 Sanford Art Show. I will be there so if you have a opportunity stop by. Have a blessed week and see you again soon See ya!