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Good afternoon. Nice quiet Thursday here and just finished my last painting for the show next week. I have a number of new paintings so try and stop by and take a look at them. 

"Surfaces" is another abstract landscape I wanted to do. This painting has the effect of three different surfaces. I wanted to create a ruralscape, a dried up scape and a waterscape. The illusion of all three are there in the painting. The mediums used 

are Fuid Acrylics Watercolors, Ink, Modeling paste, Caulk, Red Rosin paper, Tyvek,

Iron paint application.  The painting is 16x20 and matted and framed. 

 I will provide a booth number next week to share for show in Sanford Florida. 

Have a blessed remainder of week. See ya!

Good Morning. It is Monday and can you believe it actually rained today. First time I think in about 3 weeks. We are so deep in a drought here in Central Florida so I am hoping we can see a rainy season start soon. 

 Ok about the painting "Strength". This painting was a followup up to another painting I used copper in. called "Differences." As you see the figures are not in a realism format but it is the motion and movement, of the figures,  I am trying to show with this painting. The painting has Liquid Acrylics, Watercolors, Copper and seed pods from a Tabula Tree. The painting is 12x36x1.5 Inches on a Wrapped Canvas. This painting also will be at the Juried Show, Saint Johns River Festival of Arts in Historic Downtown  Sanford Florida May 6-7, 2017. Hope some of you can make it. 

Have a blessed week and see ya. 

Good morning. It is a beautiful week and I am enjoying it a bunch. I did Earth=Water + Sun about two months ago but it just didn't seem like it was finished enough. It sat on my desk a while  and did a show in Bartow but it needed to be redone a bit. I put a larger base on it to give the piece more depth and I think I achieved it. There are a couple of art shows coming up and I hope it gets juried  in so we will see. Remember May 6-7 Sanford Art Show. I will be there so if you have a opportunity stop by. Have a blessed week and see you again soon See ya!





Good afternoon. Hope your weekend is going well on Good Friday. This painting 

"Looking Back" is a mixed media I finished for a show in Sanford Florida next month. As you see I am using a lot of textures and mediums to get my visual point across to the the viewer. I think in art it is the visual interpretation that draws the true critics in to the painting. I utilized the three photos as a center point to the painting.  The painting is 15x36x1.5 Inches on canvas. 

 The Sanford Florida show is May 6-7. I understand it is a well attended show so I hope you can come and see my newest art. Also I have two paintings at the Lakeland Center  Main Lobby near the Ticket Booths with the Lakealnd Art Guild. I won the Award of Merit for one Painting. This show runs until June. 

 Have a blessed weekend on this special weekend for Easter. See Ya!


Well we are finished. Seemed like these last two days working on this really went slower than anticipated. So finishing up I painted  the forground and used Tyvek to create the rocks then used an old book I had with Routs 66 map in it to attach to the painting. I utlized the route 66 road sign from the book  and made a cardboard base. Highway is painted in acrylic paint. Overall I am very satisfied with the way it came out. Looking back on the process the idea was there in general to end up with this result. Not everything meshed the way I hoped but in the end "Route 66" is ready for my next show. Hope you enjoyed the process of the painting. Have a blessed week. See ya!!

Day 3 Work

Day 1 and 2 Work

Good afternoon. Hope yours is going well. This is a update of a Process of a painting that I started last week. I am showing you the process from start to finish on this painting. 
 I came up with a title "Route 66". It seemed appropriate for this painting so I used it. The mediums used were Red Rosin paper for the mountains in the background. I used modeling paste on them and then a fluid acrylic and attached them with a gel to the panel. The forground and sky were painted with acrylic paint. I also used a clear tar gel to make the clouds which don't seem too noticable in the painting but they are there. 
 I am pretty much over half way but still more forground work to do. Will provde a new update when that is done. Have a blessed day and see ya. 



Photo of Vehicle




Good afternoon. Thought I would share with you the process of starting a painting. This painting is started and here is how it began. I took a trip to Home Depot and purchsed some hardboard and had it cut into panels. Usually these panels are 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick 15 x24 or 12x27. Once I get them home I will paint them with a Gesso(usually two coats) and sand it between coats. I use a light sand paper to do this. 

 I took a photo copy of  photograph I had of a 50's Pontiac and did a reveraal print on wood. I use a mate medium on the non photo side of the photo copy and attach it to the wood. Letting it dry for 24 hours I then remove the layers of paper using water and a piece of cloth. It takes awhile but eventually you will see a image and after many hours of rubbing and drying you have what I have achieved. Once I am happy with the image I am ready to use watercolors to highlight the Pontiac. I left the background unfinished because I will use a different medium for that. Last step is to spray the car with a varnish to protect the watercolors.

Will have another blog when more of painting is done. Have a blessed week. See ya! 

Good Morning to all of you, Thanks for coming out to the Bloomin Art Show in Bartow this past weekend. Lots of people and enjoyed meeting  you and talking art. A great weekend for art. I was fortunate to win an award so that improved the weekend also.

" Differences" is a copper piece on Canvas I did last week and it was in the show in Bartow. The figures are abstract but I wanted them to be seen as figures dealing with motion, sadness, uncertainty and of course differences in shapes and sizes.. I used as mediums liquid acrylics, watercolors, copper and bean pods. This piece is 15x30x1.5 on Canvas.


Speaking of shows this will be my next one



  This show is a juried show in Sanford, Florida May 6-7. It is a ways from Lakeland but a nice drive to a great venue for Art. Hope some of you can make it. That is it. Hope your have a great day and a blessed week. See Ya