Good afternoon, Hope your week has gone well. Caught Sun and Fun air show yesterday and totally enjoyed looking at the War birds that had flown in. Great subjects for future painting and shows.
 Yes my new art direction now is wood assemblages. I have progressed from different mediums from landscapes to mixed media to now wood assemblages. I really love piecing wood shapes together and fitting, cutting, shaping wood to make these different pieces. Trianges, rectangles, squares pieced together. I will paint them with acrylic paints and  pastels and spray with a varnish for protection. First stop  will be to enter them in  the Melvin Gallery show in May and then Mchelle Harvey has asked me to do a show in July at her MItchell's Coffee House. 
 All for this week. Enjoy the weekend and have a blessed day. See ya!




Good Afternoon! Hope your week is going well. Thought I would share some info on my latest piece. New direction in art so I am excited about it. 

 I started doing  assemblage art last year and did a piece for the Melvin Gallery show at Florida Southern College and was fortunate to sell it. So I wanted to do another piece this year and a  previous blog you saw that piece "Hidden Secrets". This piece is totally different and is all wood. Going back to my Western roots and always been drawn to canyons and mountains in Utah and Arizona I developed this piece. Rocks pushed together with cracks and slate pieces makes awesome natural art. "Evening Bluffs" was my take on that rocks and canyons in Utah.

 Unfortunately my tools are minimal so after two weeks cutting with a hand saw(s),  electric jig saw and electrical sander  that wanted to die I finally got this piece

placed together. Texture is a combination of liquid acrylic paint and pastel chalk layered on.  It is protected with a Krylon Varnish and is wired to hang. I think it turned out well. This piece and Hidden Secrets will be entered in a Jury show again this year at Melvin Gallery at Florida Southern College in May put on by the Lakeland Art Guild. 

 Hope you like it. Also anyone has any old electric jig saws are small table saw and is tired of them let me know. Have a blessed week and as always see ya!

Good afternoon: Been a little under the weather this past week. Don't think it was the flu but maybe just a severe cold. Either way it still is hanging around like a unwanted guest and I am ready for it to leave. Take a hike!

 " Endless " is a painting  I did  on my take of West Texas when I was living their in the mid 1950's. The horizon always seemed so distant and fence lines and telephone lines seemed to go on into infinity. It was a time of maybe future inspiration in my landscapes. A great folio for my future art.

 "Endless" is a 24x24 Mixed Media on Hardboard Panel. 

Have a blessed week and please don't get sick. Stay healthy and enjoy your day. See ya!

Good morning from this cold Florida. Just a couple more days and then back to shorts and tee shirts I hope. 


"Cave Dweller" is a continued series of paintings I started about 3 years ago. Cliff Dweller was the previous painting and was done when we lived in Raleigh. 

 This painting is 24x24 on a birch panel and is considered a mixed media. The mediums I used were mainly watercolors, fluid acrylics and acrylic paint,  modeling paste red rosin paper. The birch panel was prepped with 3 coats of coarse white grounds which is similar to gesso but will allow watercolor paint to adhere to it. Layers were sealed with a Krylon Crystal Clear seal spray. As I added layers of watercolors and blended them I had  to seal each layer before putting another transparent layer of watercolors. 

  Over all it turned out to be a very nice painting.

As a note the Ridge Art Association in Winter Haven, Florida  is having its annual Juried Members show this month and I have two paintings in the show. Stop by if you have time. 

 Have a great blessed weekend. See Ya!



Good Morning and hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit. We are around our house. This piece is the last in my series of black and white Prismacolor pencil pieces so thought I would share with you this morning. 

 The original photograph was taken about 4 years ago when we still lived in Raleigh and I had come down to Lakeland to visit. It was a great fall weekend to go to Lake Mirror to shoot some photographs so this one was taken. I did a watercolor of Lake Mirror also but it was in color so the challenge was on to do a Prismacolor pencil in black and white. I liked this perspective of the lake and the reflections you see around 8 in the morning on Lake Mirror were fantastic.  The piece is 20x24 Matted

on Stonehenge 100% Cotton Textured Paper.  Hopefully it will find a home soon. 

 Oh as a reminder, The Black and White and Read All Over Juried Show will be up at the Ridge Art Association Building in Winter Haven until December 17, 2017. Check hours open if you have a interest in seeing some great art in Black and White. I have 3 pieces in the show. 

 THats it fo rthis week. I will be back next month. Have a  Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Safe New Years. See Ya!


Good Afternoon. The weekend is quickly coming to us. I had finished this piece earlier in the week but hadn't had time to share it. 

The title "Collecting Weeds" is a truck that I had done about 3 years ago in watercolor. A personal friend had taken the picture when he lived in New England and he allowed me to use his photo for the watercolor and now the black and white.. 

 The picture is matted and will be 16x20 matted and framed. I used only Prismacolor pencils in black, greys, and whites and it was drawn on Printblocking  Paper 100% cotton by Stonehenge. This paper loves Prismacolor pencils and they slide on it like butter.  This piece will be in a show in 2018 so putting it in my porfolio until then. 

 The Black and White Show by the RIdge Art Association is coming up in Winter Haven Florida  and I wil provide information on dates for the  show but the reception is scheduled for Decmeber 2nd 2017. Hope all can make it. I will have art in it hopefully since it is a judged show. 

 Bout all for this week. Have a blessed week and will be back soon. See Ya!

Good Morning! It is Monday and just got home from the gym so feeling good and energized. Wanted to share this on my blog this week since I finished it after about 50 hrs of work start to finish.

 Basis for this car was the weekly car rally at Burger King in Lakeland. I had done a a watercolor of this car originally but I wanted to do it in black and white also. Ridge Art is having a show for only black and white and I thought this would be a great candidate, 

 I started out with a black sheet of 100%cotton  paper and the dimensions of 24x30 but it is a bit smaller. I then transferred the photo to paper and use my Prismacolor pencils, in cool and warm gray's and whites and blacks. I did use some Indian Ink but only for the rain drops on the hood and fenders. Overall I think this is a great piece and worthy of the show in Winter Haven next month, 

 While we are speaking of shows The Lakeland Art Guild is currently running a juried Show at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland Florida. This show will run from October to Early January 2018. If you have a opportiunity stop by. I have two paintings on display and one was fortunate to receive 2nd place for this show. 

 Bout it for this blog but now I have to figure what to paint next. That can be hard at times. Enjopy your week and have a blessed day. See ya!

Good morning! First post in awhile. Seems September had alot going on with 

The hurricane Irma and clean up. We are getting pretty much back to norm but wish the cooler Fall weather would arrive. 

"Vacuum Sales Lakeland" was done for a black and white show in Winter Haven in November by the Ridge Art Association. I have loved this building on Lake Mirror, so much over the years and was  sad when it was demolished about two years ago. I have done it in watercolor and pencil but I wanted this time to emphasize the shapes so I made it minimal as much as possible. The parking area and building shape were all so different to most buildings you see. Abstract it is but I think it accents the building very well. This is a 24x24 acrylic painting on canvas currently unframed. That's it. Have a blessed week and I will try and be here more often in the future. See ya!