Assembled Photo 1

Unassembled Photo 2

Sketch for assemblage. Photo 3

Good afternoon: Been awhile since I have blogged but thought I would get one out. During art shows I have gotten alot of questions about, what are wood assemblages? 

Easiest answer  they are wood pieces assembled together to form one completed object or a wood assemblage. 

 My process starts with a sketch which is a basic idea. Generally the sketch and finished project can change dramatically but the sketch is the basic idea . The current assemblage is " View FInder". Idea for this piece was a old view finder I had when I was about 10 years old. Back then  the view finder might have photos of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or  New York City. Clicking away you could travel to all these neat places. Anyway my view finder has Iconic People, A TV Character, And Pop Art.

 Photo 2 has all the parts unassembled  except for a few that will make up my view finder. I really love doing Assemblages  because you are putting the pieces together an making something that you sketched  and  cut, sawed painted and glued together and always changing something till it is finished.

 "Twists and Turns" wood assemblage is that has been  sold, Next week "View FInder " will be  assembled and made ready for a show. Now you know what Wood Assemblges are about. Check out my other pieces on my web site. See Ya!

Good afternoon. New piece to share this Friday. 

"In The Morning" Is a Mixed Media 24x36 Framed. I had started on thsi painting about two years ago but it kind of hung aroung in a closet so I decided to finish it. Basis for it was a guitar player on Ft Myers Beach early one morning drinking my coffee and looking for shells. I saw him playing and asked if I could take his picture. Also I had some old Dan Fogelberg sheet music and with lyrics for the song "In The Morning"  so I incorporated the lyrics, the music and the picture of the guitar player . Worked well I thought. Miss Dan's music he was a good singer and writer. 

Currently have art at Winter Haven Airport and Art Central in Bartow. Stop by and check them out, also doing show at Mtchell"s Coffee House in Lakeland and will get the invite out on Facebook and Instagram Next Week. Have a blessed weekend and see ya!


Good Afternoon: We have made it to June and no rain today. Wow for that after over 17 inches in the month of May. Anyway lets get to my latest Piece. 


"Pilot- Strategic Air Command - Pease AFB 1962." is a Prismacolor Pencil 16x20 Matted. Little history on this piece. My father served in the Air Force as a pilot for over 22 years. His last assignment was  in Portsmouth, NH. at Pease Air Force Base with the 100th  Bomb Wing and the Strategic Air Command.. During the year 1962 the Cuban Missle Crisis was taking place and the squadron at Pease AFB was made up of the B-47 Stratojets. Due to the tension going on with Russia and the United States the pilots were put on alert and had to be ready to be in the air immediately to stop at all costs any chance for a nuclear war. 

I think the piece shows the resolve our military had during that tense period of 1962 

and thanks to my dad and all millitary personel who have served and are serving to protect our nation. 

 Hopefully this piece will be juried in to the Aviation show at WInter Haven Airport coming up in June. 

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy it. See ya!

Good afternoon: Always this time is the best in Florida. Low humidity,

cool mornings and days in the 80's. Anyway after May it all goes away and back to it being just hot.

"Flight Line" came into my mind after going to the Sun and Fun Air Show this year in Lakeland. They had a War Bird section with planes from the 30' up to the 90's. This plane caught my eye right off with its huge red nose and prop. Research told me it was a T-6 Texan that was used as trainer for pilots during WWII and into the 60's. I am sure my father trained in one at some point. He was a career pilot in the Air Force from 1943 until 1964. I never have painted planes in all my years of being a artist so it really was a easy one to paint. I am entering it in a aviation show at the Winter Haven Airport in June of this year so hopefully it will be accepted. Any way it is 20x24 Acrylic on Canvas and unframed right now. 

 A reminder the Melvin Gallery at Florida Southern College is doing its annual Lakeland Art Guild show in May. Reception is May11, 2018 from 6-8 PM. Stop by and check out some art and you might see some of mine there. Have a blessed week and see ya!


Good morning: Great day here in Florida with high today around 80 and 

no rain in sight. Love the spring weather.

"Twist and Turns" is another wood assemblage I just completed. This piece reminded of some of the famousr artists of the last 50 years. Rubin Delaunay, John Hoyland, Larry Bell. Their painitngs and 3 diminsional art inspire many abstract artists today. 

This piece is 12x12x1.5 inches and is a total wood assemblage. I used acrylics  and it is protected with Krylon Masters Clear Varnish. It is wired and ready to hang. 

All of the wood assemblages I have completed the last two months will be entered into a show at the Melvin Art Gallery at Florida Southern College 

in Lakeland Florida in May. I hope they get in and can be shared with many. Have a great week and see ya!


Good afternoon, Hope your week has gone well. Caught Sun and Fun air show yesterday and totally enjoyed looking at the War birds that had flown in. Great subjects for future painting and shows.
 Yes my new art direction now is wood assemblages. I have progressed from different mediums from landscapes to mixed media to now wood assemblages. I really love piecing wood shapes together and fitting, cutting, shaping wood to make these different pieces. Trianges, rectangles, squares pieced together. I will paint them with acrylic paints and  pastels and spray with a varnish for protection. First stop  will be to enter them in  the Melvin Gallery show in May and then Mchelle Harvey has asked me to do a show in July at her MItchell's Coffee House. 
 All for this week. Enjoy the weekend and have a blessed day. See ya!




Good Afternoon! Hope your week is going well. Thought I would share some info on my latest piece. New direction in art so I am excited about it. 

 I started doing  assemblage art last year and did a piece for the Melvin Gallery show at Florida Southern College and was fortunate to sell it. So I wanted to do another piece this year and a  previous blog you saw that piece "Hidden Secrets". This piece is totally different and is all wood. Going back to my Western roots and always been drawn to canyons and mountains in Utah and Arizona I developed this piece. Rocks pushed together with cracks and slate pieces makes awesome natural art. "Evening Bluffs" was my take on that rocks and canyons in Utah.

 Unfortunately my tools are minimal so after two weeks cutting with a hand saw(s),  electric jig saw and electrical sander  that wanted to die I finally got this piece

placed together. Texture is a combination of liquid acrylic paint and pastel chalk layered on.  It is protected with a Krylon Varnish and is wired to hang. I think it turned out well. This piece and Hidden Secrets will be entered in a Jury show again this year at Melvin Gallery at Florida Southern College in May put on by the Lakeland Art Guild. 

 Hope you like it. Also anyone has any old electric jig saws are small table saw and is tired of them let me know. Have a blessed week and as always see ya!

Good afternoon: Been a little under the weather this past week. Don't think it was the flu but maybe just a severe cold. Either way it still is hanging around like a unwanted guest and I am ready for it to leave. Take a hike!

 " Endless " is a painting  I did  on my take of West Texas when I was living their in the mid 1950's. The horizon always seemed so distant and fence lines and telephone lines seemed to go on into infinity. It was a time of maybe future inspiration in my landscapes. A great folio for my future art.

 "Endless" is a 24x24 Mixed Media on Hardboard Panel. 

Have a blessed week and please don't get sick. Stay healthy and enjoy your day. See ya!