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Good Morning, Nice morning here in Lakeland. A early morning walk by the lake and it was short sleeves and shorts about 72 Degrees. Thats Florida for you. Anyway a new painting to talk about.

Finding The Trail is a 24x24 Oil on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Basis for the painting was again utlizing some of my photos from the trip to Utah last fall. Specifically the Burr Cattle Trail. This trail went through Glen Canyon and Grand Staircase. Pretty Country and rough but the trail was used to move cattle back and forth for grazing between winter and summer ranges and also to market. Time Line was during the 1870's and 18880's by John Burr. I used Capital Reef for the basis of this painting. 

 News on my art. Currently I am showing some paintings at the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. Greatly opportunity for a Florida artist to show there. Some shows comiing up and on my radar are the Melvin Gallery Show in May. Also some online shows in the West I am trying to enter also. All these shows are juried so we will see where this goes. Stay tuned!

Have a great week and a blessed one also. See ya!


Good Afternoon  Cool day today and I have had a cold for about a week now. Seems like it is improving so have been indoors quite abit. I have been wanting to do a blog a month and this one is the first in awhile so I am doing it today. So lets get into it. 

Nocturnal Movements is a 18x36 Oil on a gallery wrapped canvas. This painting took up most of the month of January. I think it came out more early dawn then nocturnal. I studied some paintings of well known Western Artists Bill Gollings, Bill Anton, Olaf Wieghorst. The best of the Western Nocturnal Artists has to be Frank Tenney Johnson. His paintings utlized moonlight and blue colors to make his paintings come alive at night.

This painting has a very limited pallete but needs more blues to be a truer nocturnal painting. With all the struggles of this paintings it was a  great learning curve and I think a great start to more real nocturnal paintings. 

 Not to much on the gallery scene locally. RP Funding Center currently has a show up for the lakeland Art Guild. I will update on any shows or galleries I am working with. All for today have a blessed week and go 49ers at the Super Bowl. See ya!

Good Morning and it is nearly time for another decade to start. Wow where does time go and oh so quickly. I have been pretty absent from my blog so lets catch up now. 
  December 30, 2019 and this was the last painting for this decade. Wild Horses is a 36x36 Oil on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas. A friend of mine said I named this painting after a song by Mick Jagger. Maybe I had that tune in my subconscious but really I am a fan of the Wild Mustangs of the Southwest. I wanted to break the painting into 3 paintings with different topography. Also  I included a hazy Butte from New Mexico in the background of the painting, All and all I think it shows the motion and feel I was trying to achieve and paint. 
 This painting has been admitted to the 70th Anniversary FIne Arts Jury Show at the Ridge Art Association Winter Haven Fl. The show runs from January 9th 2020 until January 26, 2020. Please stop by to see the excellent work by artists from  Central Florida. . Also the Lakeland Art Guild will have a show opening at the RPFunding Center in Lakleand Florida in January of 2020. This is a members show. Finally the LDDA(Lakeland Downtown Development Association) has a show also opening in January of Watercolor art. This is at the LDDA offices on Kentucky Ave, in Lakeland. Check with LDDA for office hours if you have interst in this show. 

 All I got for 2019. Hope to be here more often in 2020. Have a blessed New Years and be safe, See Ya!




Good Afternoon and hello to all. Weather great but humid wishing the cool weather would show up. Anyway

This painting is the 2nd that I have painted from my trip out West. We stopped at the entrance to this road and the photo just seemed like it had to be painted. I was amazed at the  colors that were created by this Mesa and it provided a perfect subject for my painting. the road was a natural to the Mesa and it gave me the depth and perspective I so often want when I paint. The painting is titled "Red Mesa" and is 24x12x1.5 oil on Canvas. I am waiting to show this later next year but maybe it will sell and no need to show. WIshful Thinking!

 The Ridge Art Association has a reception this Saturday for its new show. Try and stop by to see the great art. I have some pieces in this show. 

  My next show is at the Ed Mell Gallery in Phoenix AZ on November 9, 2019 from 10-4 PM. This show includes 12 other artists besides myself. It should be exciting and fun. 

 Have a great week and I hope to talk soon. See YA!




Good Morning to all as I get this blog out for this month. I have been busy getting ready for show in Phoenix along with trip out West earlier this month and painting. 

Sharing my latest  painting of Coal Mine Canyon.

Our trip was up to Northern Arizona and then  for 4 days near Capital Reef National Park. Many many photos and memories for this trip

Painting is of Coal Mine Canyon in Northern Arizona. We got there about a hour before sunset so the canyon did its best of giving us a show. Spectacular shadows 

and colors made this a great painting to do. Painting is 24x24 oil on a wrapped canvas. Love this canyon so will paint it again,

Also I am providing the flyer for the show in Phoenix in November. Most of these artists are well known mostly in the West but also in the East. Great group to be included with.

Local show I am entering is in Winter Haven this month called Rejuvenation by the Ridge Art Association. Entering some recent paintings so will se how that goes. 

Also RP Funding has a current show hanging  by the Lakeland Art Guild. Try and get out to these shows. Artists love your input and appreciation of their work.

 Have a great week and see ya!



Good Afternoon:. 

Hope you are enjoying Monday. I walked this morning at 5:30 AM, yes I am a early bird. It actually felt cool coming off the lake, Maybe cool weather is only months away. 

Ok this is my latest painting. It is Titled "After the Rain" I wanted this water fall to be flowing well so felt I could enhance it some. This is a 12x16 oil on a wood panel.  I have been painting a great deal lately and trying to get some art ready for a gallery show in Phoenix in November. The show will have 13 artists in total titled Nature. I will share on my blog the two paintings I am showing. 

 The Marc here in Lakeland had its fall gathering of artists this past weekend. Lots of great local art was shown that evening. It is a great venue for art and art classes. 

RPFunding Center will be hanging a new show, All Around Lakeland,  in Ocotber.Also LDDA wil be hanging a show ,called Transportation, in September. Lots of art to see if you go to these places to enjoy great local art. Have a great week  and see ya!


Good Morning Been awhile since I put anything out on my blog. We had gone on vacation and my paint brush had been out of hand for over a month. Back in the studio and finished this painting this week. 

 Painting is called Donnie. is a 12x16 Oil on a wood panel. I was fortunate enough to be talking to a ranch in New Mexico and they were kind enough to send me some pictures of their work horses an I liked this Dun horse and decided to paint him. I so enjoy paintings these Western places and animals. So I am very happy with the way Donnie turned out. 

 Not to much going on for shows locally but I am doing some shows in Winter Haven (Ridge Art Association) and Lakeland (Lakeland Art Guild) this fall. Also I am invited with 12 others artists to do a gallery show in Phoenix AZ in the fall so very very excited with that one. Will Share info when these shows get closer. 

 Have a blessed week and see ya!

Good Morning hope your day is well. Latest painting is now on my website and on my Instagram page. I do alot of information on Instagram so if you want to follow me just go to steve.latimer and pull it up. Also on Facebook it is SteveLatimer Artist. These sites generally have more of my art and updates then my Facebook page. 

"Quiet Time of the Day 'is a painting of the Ice Mountain Canyon in the Organ Mountains  North of Alberqerque New Mexico. It is such a great area to hike and see. When I was young the Organ Mountains provided lots of time for hikes and overnight trips when I was in the Boy Scouts. I am always drawn back to this area in New Mexico. This painting is 12x16 oil on canvas and it is framed. It can be seen on my website and it is for sale.

 Today is the Lakeland Art Guild Reception for the Summer SizzlerArt Show at the RPFunding Center (Lakeland CIvic Center) from 6-8 PM. This show is small works by Lakeland Art Guild Artists so if you want to get out of the heat and see some art come on down this evening. 

 That all for this week. Keep Cool have a safe 4th and see ya!