Good Morning to all as I get this blog out for this month. I have been busy getting ready for show in Phoenix along with trip out West earlier this month and painting. 

Sharing my latest  painting of Coal Mine Canyon.

Our trip was up to Northern Arizona and then  for 4 days near Capital Reef National Park. Many many photos and memories for this trip

Painting is of Coal Mine Canyon in Northern Arizona. We got there about a hour before sunset so the canyon did its best of giving us a show. Spectacular shadows 

and colors made this a great painting to do. Painting is 24x24 oil on a wrapped canvas. Love this canyon so will paint it again,

Also I am providing the flyer for the show in Phoenix in November. Most of these artists are well known mostly in the West but also in the East. Great group to be included with.

Local show I am entering is in Winter Haven this month called Rejuvenation by the Ridge Art Association. Entering some recent paintings so will se how that goes. 

Also RP Funding has a current show hanging  by the Lakeland Art Guild. Try and get out to these shows. Artists love your input and appreciation of their work.

 Have a great week and see ya!



Good Afternoon:. 

Hope you are enjoying Monday. I walked this morning at 5:30 AM, yes I am a early bird. It actually felt cool coming off the lake, Maybe cool weather is only months away. 

Ok this is my latest painting. It is Titled "After the Rain" I wanted this water fall to be flowing well so felt I could enhance it some. This is a 12x16 oil on a wood panel.  I have been painting a great deal lately and trying to get some art ready for a gallery show in Phoenix in November. The show will have 13 artists in total titled Nature. I will share on my blog the two paintings I am showing. 

 The Marc here in Lakeland had its fall gathering of artists this past weekend. Lots of great local art was shown that evening. It is a great venue for art and art classes. 

RPFunding Center will be hanging a new show, All Around Lakeland,  in Ocotber.Also LDDA wil be hanging a show ,called Transportation, in September. Lots of art to see if you go to these places to enjoy great local art. Have a great week  and see ya!


Good Morning Been awhile since I put anything out on my blog. We had gone on vacation and my paint brush had been out of hand for over a month. Back in the studio and finished this painting this week. 

 Painting is called Donnie. is a 12x16 Oil on a wood panel. I was fortunate enough to be talking to a ranch in New Mexico and they were kind enough to send me some pictures of their work horses an I liked this Dun horse and decided to paint him. I so enjoy paintings these Western places and animals. So I am very happy with the way Donnie turned out. 

 Not to much going on for shows locally but I am doing some shows in Winter Haven (Ridge Art Association) and Lakeland (Lakeland Art Guild) this fall. Also I am invited with 12 others artists to do a gallery show in Phoenix AZ in the fall so very very excited with that one. Will Share info when these shows get closer. 

 Have a blessed week and see ya!

Good Morning hope your day is well. Latest painting is now on my website and on my Instagram page. I do alot of information on Instagram so if you want to follow me just go to steve.latimer and pull it up. Also on Facebook it is SteveLatimer Artist. These sites generally have more of my art and updates then my Facebook page. 

"Quiet Time of the Day 'is a painting of the Ice Mountain Canyon in the Organ Mountains  North of Alberqerque New Mexico. It is such a great area to hike and see. When I was young the Organ Mountains provided lots of time for hikes and overnight trips when I was in the Boy Scouts. I am always drawn back to this area in New Mexico. This painting is 12x16 oil on canvas and it is framed. It can be seen on my website and it is for sale.

 Today is the Lakeland Art Guild Reception for the Summer SizzlerArt Show at the RPFunding Center (Lakeland CIvic Center) from 6-8 PM. This show is small works by Lakeland Art Guild Artists so if you want to get out of the heat and see some art come on down this evening. 

 That all for this week. Keep Cool have a safe 4th and see ya!


Good Morning and hope your day is well. This painting is another in my cowboy series I started. I wanted to show the first look of this cowboy  when he was checking on his herd.  This is a 8x10 Oil on Gesso Board. 

 Current shows to see in area The Aviation Show by the Ridge Art Association is at the Winter Haven Fl Airport in the main building and will be up to June 2020. Also starting next week at the RPFunding Center Lakeland Florida  is the Small Works Exhibiton by the Lakeland Art Guild 

which will be up till early October 2019. Couple of shows to see if in the area by local artists. Have a great week and see ya! 

Good afternoon and we are in June. Time flies so quickly. I have been painting alot the past week. Basically my wife has been out of town so studio time was at a premium to use. This painting I finished today so lets get to it. 

"Back Trackin" is a 11x14 acrylic painting on gesso board. This was a fun piece to do. Growing up in the West with my cowboy heroes or going back to see some favorite movies like Dances with Wolves, Open Range and Tombstone. Characters and scenes developed this painting. I enjoyed actually working in acrylics again. Quick work and finsihed it in 3 days. 

This will be on my website for sale so look for it. 

 Some art shows coming up. I will update more on the next blog.

Have a blessed week and see ya!


Good Morning and happy Thursday. Warm day here again with little rain in sight but hopefully that will change in June. 

 Latest painitng is titled "Middle of the Day". This is a oil painting 12x16 unframed. 

This painting is based on a painting I did in watercolor back in the 70's. I have changed it some but I wanted to utilize oils this time. I love this painting because of the simiplicity of shapes and depth of the buildings. It seems such a quiet recluse to the people who would live here. Anyway it is finished and ready for a home.

 Also as a reminder the Lakeland Art Guild juried show is up at the Melvin Gallery at Florida Southern College until June 7th. Hours the gallery is open is 10-4 Monday-Friday. I am humble to have won best of show for this exhibition with my painting Farming US301. Do stop by and see some great art by emerging and established artists while it is still up. 

 Better go and see you soon. Have a blessed week. See ya !

Good Afternoon: Thought I would catch you up on my two latest paintings and the  Melvin Gallery Show. 

Here are my two latest paintings. First is "Canyon Face" I started working in oils about a month ago and really am enjoying the color and vibrance from 

the oil paint. Canyon face is 12x12 on Gesso Board and I just ordered a frame for it. 

Other new painting is "Afternoon Build Up". It is also a oil and is a 8x10 Canvas framed.

I am looking back now at places and memories I have for doing these paintings. The western landscapes offer so much to a artist to study and paint. I am in that mode right now. True I live in Florida and I do Florida art but my main painting direction now is Western Landscapes and Contemporary Western Art in Oils, Watercolor, Acrylic and MIxed Media. 

If you have a interest in these two paintings got to my website to see the pricing and contact me if you are interested.

 Ok the Lakeland Art Guild Annual Juried Show is currently running until June 8th, 2019 at the Melvin Gallery at Florida Southern College in Lakeland Florida. The gallery is open Monday-Friday 10-4 PM. I am happy to announce I won Best of Show for my piece "Farmng US301". It is explained in a previous blog in November 2018. Do try to see all this good art. I was humbled to win with so many talented artists  and it is such a great show. 

All for today. Enjoy your week. Steve