Good Morning to all. Been a few months since my last Blog so lets dig right in.

Painting I have attached is Marble Canyon Shadows. This was based on a photo I took in 2019 on a trip to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I wanted this painting to show depth and perspective with a simple color palette. Painting is 24x36 oil on canvas unframed. 

 I recently sent this painting along with Canyon Shadows to the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. We are planning on a show in the Gallery March 17, 2022 which will run for 2 weeks. I still am in the process of completing additional paintings so it has kept me quite busy. Advertisement for this show will be coming out in a magazine titled " Western Art Collector". Once I have the information I will provide it on my blog. 

 My blogs seem to be few and far between as of late. I hope to improve on that in 2022. 

Have a great week and see everyone again soon.

Good Afternoon to everyone, I am getting this Blog out before the end of October. Lot of rain today and wind but it is clearing now and we should get a taste of cool weather finally this weekend. 

Red Mesa Morning is my latest painting. This is a 11x21 oil on a gallery canvas framed. The mesa is one I have painted numerous times over the last two years but I wanted to use a minimalism approach to this painting. My paintings have leaned more to minimalism over the last two years. I enjoy painting this way. Simplfying the shapes and angles of Western mesa an mountains is really a fun way to paint, I will continue to paint this way but drop some realism in from time to time., I am offering this painting for sale  framed and with free shipping. If you are interested please message me on Facebook or Instagram. These are the only social media sites I use.  The show at the Ridge Art Assocation in WInter Haven is wrapping up very soon. The gallery is open during the week but check the hours before you go. This is the annual members show. I have 3 paintings in the exhibit.

 I am getting ready to show my art again in Scottsdale Az at the Faust Gallery after the first of the year. I will provided some exciting information I am working on as week get closer to the show date. I think it should be fun and informative. 

 Thats all for this blog. See you again soon and take care. 

Good Morning:

It has been a while since I i did a blog. I am back at it today, I have been painting pretty much straight all summer and into the fall. Painting less it seems and taking more time to complete them. Maybe its a old guy thing. 

This painting I started the first week of September and finished it over the past weekend. It is from an old photo of the Grand Canyon. I was facinated by the morning shadows that were so quickly changing as I stood there and took pictures. I also minimized the shapes to interpret the shadows better. Shadows also have their own color changes and some are deeper darks then others. I wanted that in this painting, Canyon Shadows is 24x36 oil on canvas unframed.  I hope to show this locally in January and then it will go out West to a gallery. 

 Uodates locally. I have art currently at the Ridge Art Association show called Transformation. So happy to have 3 paintings in this show. Western Art in Florida is not seen to much. One piece received a honorable mention award. Also have a piece in the Haines City Show at City Hall by Ridge Art Association. that won a award of Excellence. That show will hang for the year

until next September 2022. Thank you for these awards. 

 Out West in Arizona I have art At the Faust Gallery  Scottsdale AZ. and in the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. I am very blessed to continue to be able to show my art locally and out West. 

 I planned a new trip out West this fall but things change and I didnt go . New trip maybe in spring of 2022. Stay Tuned. 

 Ok that wraps this blog up. I will try to be a little more frequent in the coming months. Take care and See ya!

Good Morning: Wanted to get a blog in before the end of month but missed it. 

so getting it in today. have three new paintings that I worked on during the month of May. All of them were from photos of my last trip out West. Thinking that a new trip will happen by the end of the year to update photo file.

 This painting is titled Teasdale Utah and the formation was right outside of town. Shadows were perfect for painting and it worked out well, Other two paintings are titled Coal Mine Canyon and High Plains Storm.  If you want to see them go to website for latest work. Coal Mine Canyon is a area near Tuba City Arizona. Spectacular colors in this canyon. One of my favorite places. High Plains Storm is a representation painting of a area near Capitol Reef and Storm was a creation of some photos tied together. Over all I am very happy the way these turned out. 

 On my shows that I am doing. Paintings are now at Faust Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico for the summer season. I have been give a area to display about 7 paintings. Locally I am entering RPFunding show and High Plains Storm will be entered in the show. 

 Bout it. Summer is here so will paint but also get some R&R in when I can so Blogs cut be less. Have a great week and see ya.

Good Afternoon

I was looking back on my blogs and see the last time I had a blog was in March. 

So it is good to put one out again.

 WIder Open Skies is an additional open spaces series I started earlier in the

year. This painting is referenced for the Four Corners Area of Arizona where Monument Valley is. I really like this area of Arizona and Utah. I have used this area for other paintings also recently. The painting is 16x20 oil on a linen panel. I am trying to work with linen either in canvas or panels. I find the smoothness and texture for oils is really very good compared to a standard cotton canvas. This painting will be going to the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico later this month. The gallery is providing me a wall space for my art and I really am excited about that. The Faust Gallery has really promoted my art in Scottsdale Arizona and Santa Fe New Mexico. Thanks Bill so much.. I was really pleased with the Winter season in Scottsdale  with the Faust Gallery because they sold four of my painting. I am currently working on more paintings for Santa Fe with its summer season starting later this month. It should be much better now that the pandemic is slowing down and people are getting vaccinated. Looking foreward to possibly going to the Gallery in July. 

  I am not really doing any art locally. Southwest art in Florida seems odd to show so I will continue working out West for most of the remainder of the year with some shows and the Faust Gallery. I am planning a trip West so that will be fun also. 

 Well thats all for this blog. Enjoy the Mothers Day Weekend and will see you soon. 


 Open spaces is one of my most recent pieces.  This painting is 24 x24 oil on a linen panel and represents photos I took on a trip to Arizona in 2019. Unfortunately no trip in 2020 ,due to the pandemic, but I am planning a trip  later this year if it works out. This painting is one of seven currently in the Faust Gallery in Scottedale Arizona. The Gallery has hung all seven paintings I submitted to them  so I am excited to see this next step in my late art career. I am fortunate to fine such a excellent gallery to show my art. 

 I currently am limiting my art mainly to the Southwest for the future. Some shows here and there in Florida but my main goal is to continue my Western paintings and workings with Faust Gallery and Art shows throughout the West. 

 Thats it for now but I will provide blogs from time to time to give you updates on my art and what I am painting, Have a great weekend and talk again soon. As always you can see my latest work at Instagram steve.latimer or my web site or contact me at

Good Morning to all. Had a nice rain here in Florida last night and cool weather all this week before Christmas. We have been very Covid active with very few trips so lots of painting has been done this last year. Not what anyone wants and I need my trip back to the Southwest so much.

I think the last blog I did was in October so shame on me. There are some new paintings here on my web site so take a look under Current Work.

This painting is titled RED MESA LATE DAY. it is a diptych (2 panels) and each panel is 12x36 oil on canvas. Using two panels I was able to achive so much more depth and perspective of the scene which was really cool to do. This is a new step in my art so look for multiple frame scenes in the future. The painting will be entered into the Ridge Art Association Annual Show in January. 

 As far as local art shows, I am also entering the RPFunding show in January, the Ridge Art Annual Show and also the Western Spirit Juried Show in Cheyenne Wyoming. All these shows are juried so will have to wait to see if I am selected. I am still working with Galleries in Arizona and New Mexico but with COVID and shutdowns it has been very slow to say the least. Let's just hope for a awesome 2021 and Art can return to a level that it was before the pandemic.

 That pretty much wraps it up for 2020. It has been one crazy frustrating year and lets all hope that the new year will give everyone a new lease on life and happiness to all. Merry Christmas and Stay Safe and social distance please. See Ya!


Good Afternoon and hope your week is going well. I have been busy in my studio with new paintings and getting some out to local shows. 

 First the painting is titled "After the Storm" The painting is from a photo in Northern New Mexico. I did a 6x6 of this painting last year and thought I would tackle it again on a larger canvas. I used a limited palette and painted on a linen panel. The linen is Claessens #66 Landscape oil-primed linen and is on a 1/4birch board. I started making my own panels and this is one of them. Canvas is 16x20. 

I really enjoyed painting this and I hope to have it in a show locally before sending it to a gallery in Arizona. Something about painting snow that is always fun. 

 If you are looking for any of my art, this month you can see pieces at RP Funding Center in Lakeland, Mitchell's Coffee House Lakeland through October 26, 2020. Also at Ridge Art Association  Gallery in WInter Haven Florida. Those paintings will be up I believe until the 8th of November. Last I have some early watercolor paintings in Haines City Florida at the City Library.  They are  up until September of 2021. Remainder of 2020 shows will be in Winter Haven and preparing art for a gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. Busy time but fun always. 

 Try to get out and see local artists shows. It really is supporting the community and art can always find a space on your wall. 

 Take care and see you soon.