This Week I went back to some of my older pictures to do my pieces. Rainy Day Bus Stop was a photo that had been taken in Charleston on a non rainy day. I wanted to make it differnt thus the buildings became taller then normal and the weather was a rainy day. The people with umbrellas came from a day in Raleigh when the bus stop was crowded with umbrellas waiting for the bus. Suprised they could see the bus when it came. Water color and acrylic made this a great little piece. 


THe $950 Cash was one of the two old Pontiacs I have painted numerous tiimes but not the front of the car. I used alot of washes on this piece and just let the paint and water do the work. I am real happy the way it came out. Again the is water color on 300# paper. 

These two pictures were my return to the time of pastels and pen and ink. Portraits are fun, and both of these pieces brought back the memories of my days in colege doing portraits .The sailor shows the harshness of the days at sea. Pehaps a poor catch or problems at home the time he stepped off the boat he was thinking hard. Thus the "sailors  lament."

 "Giddy up" was the old cowboy still good enugh to saddle up and go, with lots of stories to share with his compadres. Old cowboys just ride on and all have tales to tell. Don't we all wish we could saddle up

Have a great weekend. 

This was a picture painting had a lot of memories.  I remember all the times growing up and over the years going to Anna Maria Island, the beach and the days were stormy or calm as a table. I chose a rough day since it would be buggy boarding or surfing. Yes we did surf on the West coast of Florida. The water breaking was always a bright green and the distant gray let you know the storm was coming. Have a great weekend,

Carriage House was a fun piece to do. It was a house that intrigued me and even thought this became abstract it was quick and simple. Other then that not a busy week painting no class and we have company so hope to pick up the pace next week. Have a great weekend. 

"Early Morning" was a lot of mornings finishing. Wow I didn't think it would take that long to do this since I had done the same marina with a different boat. Sometimes art just struggles along and requires more time. I am happy with the results. Different application to paint on this one. 

 Also I will be doing a show here in Raleigh at the Pullen Art Center in October. More info to follow. As always have a great week.

Spring Bling is my latest piece. I have found Charleston provided really some great subject matter. Wandering the alleys or some of the side streets you sometimes get lucky. This piece is a long alley but as in Charleston alleys can hold some of your best subject matter. The day was early with lot of shadows. Water color and acrylic

Have a great week. 

Exciting week this piece will be going to the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh for a show in July. Considered a self portrait and titled "Pipe Dreams". We all have pipe dreams in our lives. Some more then others. Piece is mixed media and a littlle out of my comfort zone. Anyway  should be fun show. 

 Also have reception in Cary on last friday this week at Lucky Pie Gallery. Again should be fun to meet and talk to artists and people visiting gallery. All I have for the week. 

Has been an exciting week. The Lucky Pie Gallery in Cary NC is showing some of my work. This is a cooperative gallery which means you share space with other artists and promote your art. Yes  a big step for me since I have been wanting to get more exposure for my art over the last  6 months. I am still looking to show my art in Florida but that is a slow process and have not found a gallery yet Hopefully that will happen. Have a blessed week.