Well all had gotten back to normal after the art fair. Back in the zone for painting so lets talk about it.

First painting is titled "Fall Fancy Charleston". SInce I sold "Spring Bling" at the art fair I thought I would do a fall picture of same alley called "Fall Fancy Charleston". Again lots of washes, splattering paint and scrubbiing got the results I wanted. The depth I achieved with the pencil water color pencil graphite and gesso wash  also supports the piece.

It is now entered in a participants show at the Pullen Art Center for a show in November and December.

The second piece is simply "The Clonts Building". There is lots of history with this building in Lakeland. It was built in 1903 and has been a bank, a department store, a pawn shop, a restaurant and a quilt shop. Possibly more I just don't know. I inerpreted this piece as a surrealism piece. Accurate to a extent but washes and

scrubbing created almost a blurred interpretation of the old beauty. It is a water color water color pencil, graphite and a gesso wash. Hope to bting this piece down in April for my show. 

Well as you see I have been busy. Hope your week has been good and have a blessed weekend. See ya!!






Hope your week is going well. Update from the Pullen Art Fair. What a great day. First of alll thanks to everyone who came by my booth and saw my art, bought my art and talked art. Without you a artist just fades away. Also a really cool thing happened. Earlier this year I took a photo of a man I called "Rooster Man" and painted it and had it in my folio. Well low and behold two ladies came by and found "Rooster Man". They said we know this guy his name is "Chicken Man". I thought that was cool. Anyway long story short the piece was bought and the real "Chicken Man" now has it to enjoy. Again what a great weekend for a show. Have a blessed week and another blog on Friday with my latest piece. 



























Well it is raining long and hard today but it should be a great day for the art show on Saturday. I have about 7 pieces to show on panels and the rest will be in bins matted. No prints all originals.  I hope to have some pictures up for next week from the fair and my latest Lakeland building I am painting this week. Anyway short and sweet this week. Enjoy your week and see you on the flip side. 


This was a piece created from a picture that a friend provided and let me use. I found it to be so interesting and will do more pictures of the same truck. I used water color  on this with washes blending the colors and lifting the wash. Then I used a graphite pencil to highlight some of the areas on the truck. Last a  water color pencil with some pen and ink completed it. It will be in the art fair here on the 18th so am hoping to get a lot of feedback on  this piece and some of my other pieces I have done during the last six months. Lot of art to show and that is always fun.

 Great weekend shaping up here with temps showing it is fall and trees showing their first color. Probably need one more cool eveningy to really  get the color going. 

 The weekend is here so get out and have some fun. Update next week on preparation for the art show. 

This was a picture I had found and wanted to see if I could paint it. I utilized water color pencils and water colors to complete the piece. I wanted the shirt to be simple in the painting with less detail then what was done with the face. Overall I achieved what I wanted and it can go into my catalogue.This is a 16x20  with water color and water color pencil on 140# paper. 

 Getting ready for the art fair up here on October 18th at the Art Center where I go to class. Should be fun and I will have a tent with my latest and greatest pieces. Hopefully more exposure to my work also. Have a great weekend and see you next week. 



Hope everyone is having a awesome weekend, We were out of town for part of the week so my blog was a little late this week. The Painting I provided was based on photo I took last August when in Lakeland. It was early on a Saturday morning so I was able to get a great reflection on the water and a lot of color on the promenade with the sun coming up. I tried to achieve the same look on this painting with the reflection  and color. This is a 16 x20 water color painting on 300# paper. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week. 


Rainy Day Car Show was painted from a photo I took at the Burger King on a Friday Evening just after a big thunderstorm drenched everything. My hope was to get the wet look on the car after the sun had come back out and show the wetness of the car and the interesting reflections the black paint had from being wet after the rain.  This is a 16 x22 water color, gouache and acrylic on 300 # paper. Have a great weekend. 

This has been a different week. No class to test my painting skills so didn't paint anything that is completed. Also playing tennis with my wonderful wife last weekend I thought I was 38 and not 68 and chased a ball all the way to the ground. Needless to say no broken bones but plenty of road rash on hands, elbow and knee with some sore ribs. She said, I need to take lessons or do something else. We will see. 

Anyway this picture was done last year. I have enjoyed it so much with the depth of color and the perspective with the house and clouds. Have tried to duplicate but have never got the exact color and perspective again. Water color on 140 # paper 12x14. That's all for the week, have a great weekend and I promise new art next week.