Hopefully everyone isn't bogged down this week with getting ready for Christmas next week. I still have shopping to do. Shhhh someone might be listening. Anyway if you still have time get down to the VAE Gallery here in Raleigh before next Wednesday .. Great art and great pricing always makes a great gift.

 This piece was one of many pictures I took in the Destin area last month at Thanksgiving. The beaches have the sugar sand and the day I took this picture it wa sunny and clear with great shadows on the fence and dunes. This is 14x11 watercolor on 140# paper.

  To all my friends have a great and blessed Christmas and safe new year.. Always remember "Jesus is the reason for the Season."



Hope everyone is having a great week. Been chilly here in Raleigh. Looking for some warmer weather maybe by weekend  In  the 50's. Anyway this 1959 Cadilaac Coupe Deville Series 62 will conclude my car series for awhile unless someone wants a commission piece. We have painted some Pontiacs, A Corevette, A VW Truck,  A Chevrolet, And now a Cadillac. The piece is title "The Boat". It was 18.75 ft long and wouldn't fit in most garages in the 1950's. The painting is watercolor and is 15x22 on 300 # paper. Enjoyed painting these cars and the memories they have provided over the last year. This one along with some others will be in show in January 2015. Will update you when more information is available for time and dates. Have a blessed week and a great weekend. 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We spent a week in Destin Florida and had a great time with family. Weather was great most of the week. Any way this is Fish Camp 1 Watercolor 16x20 on 140# paper. 

 Also if you live in area tomorrow night First Friday is happening and I have two pieces at the show. Good time to see all the great artists that are members of the VAE here in Raleigh. Come out and have some fun and look for some great art deals. Attached are my teo pieces for the show. Have a great weekend and see you next week. 


Hope everyone is having a great week. Just finished this piece today in class. Title is "Into My Forest. This piece was actually started in my collage class and finished in my studio class. it is 24x 24 on a wood panel with mixed media attached to it Utilized alot of different applications. Have only water colors on this, with a alcohol wash, Salt application, Pieces of old paintings attached and washed with water colors and ink.. Reverse image photos were used along with a hand sander to pull colors up to the surface. Last I used a rag and washes to pull more color to surface. Has a satin varnish to protect the surface as the last step. I Really enjoyed this piece. Lots of applications and really is a provoking image to say "Into My Forest. My direction and interpretation  was a forest on the left side with growth and beauty and the forest on the right with suburbia  and man taking away parts of nature we all enjoy. Mother Nature's  concern is her forest. Have a blessed weekend. I will be out of town next week so see you after Thanksgiving. Have a safe holiday and see ya. 

Just finished a work shop with one of the outstanding watercolor artists in the Southeast, Sterling Edwards. The workshop wanted us to use a limited palette and  large brushes with limited brush strokes. All brushes were # 8 #9 #12 with 1/2" flat brush and a rigger brush for minimal detail. This piece is called "Pueblo WInter Snow". I wanted to give you a minimal feel of brush strokes and colors that gives the piece needed  depth with single strokes. Some of you will like the abstract application I am sure but it was  done in less then 45 mins with large brush application to be used in future pieces. Work shops give you ideas that you can share with others. This is  a 11x16 watercolor on 140# paper. Have a blessed weekend and see you next week.

Hope everyone's week is going well. I am early this week, but only 1 class so thought I would share this piece. A little history first. I was fortunate enought around 10 years ago to make a trip on part of the old Route 66 in Western Arizona. Favorite stop was  Seligman AZ and the Snow Cap, Great burgers, and the booby trap handles the owner would share. A real nostolgia town by all means. Also along the way  the prairie dogs mounds and beautiful mountains. For anyone who wants a trip back to yesterday, it is Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angles. 

I am sharing on this piece yester year....  a old 1954 Pontiac some where between LA and  Kansas.  Fighting the map, unfolding it to late oh I missed my turn, no  GPS,   no gas stations, no A/C or WIFI  Are we there yet and the pit stops on the side of the road. Worked for me. That's is what this piece is  about. "Get Your KIcks On" Mine was Route 66, what is yours? All of this piece is mainly a collage with mixed media of water color, acrylic, graphite pencil, colored pencil and is11x16 on a board. Enjoy your week! and "Get Your Kicks On"

Hope everyone has had a good week. Finished this piece yesterday after class. 

Title is "The Bench" all Watercolor on 12x16 140# paper. History on this piece was another picture I took in Charleston last summer. Sarah and I had left a great restaurant ,after a late lunch and stepped out on the side walk and these two ladies were behiind us. When we came to the stop light at the corner I looked back and noticed they had stopped and had sat on a near by bench, I think they were mom and daughter and they were talking and looking down the street. The photo captured what I needed to paint. I wanted to capture the anticipation of the wait on the bench, of the mom looking down the street for someone or something  and the  daughter sitting and thinking in deep thought. Two different generations one bench sharing both. Fun piece to paint and though it took longer then I wanted I am  happy with the way it turned out. 

 That is it for the week. Art work shop next week so we will see if that improves anything. in my painting. Have a great and blessed weekend. See ya!!

Well I finally got my Corvette. This could be  1954 or is it a 1955, honestly I am not sure. We do know the color is a Polo White. Only 5 colors were offered  by Chevrolet  and it had the  power glide automatic 6 cylinder if it was a 1954 and if  it was a 1955  you could get a V8 also and a 3 speed manual on the later models that year. In  1954 3,640 were built. If it was a 1955 only 700 were made. Let's rewind a bit. The reason I am unsure of the year is I discovered the original car at the Burger King in Lakeland Fl. on a Friday night. I was the weekly car show.  Owner wasn't around so I snapped a picture. If anyone from Lakeland frequents the car show maybe they can share the actual year of the this Corvette. 

 I wanted to keep the corvette in my painting as close as possible to the real  photo. This is all water color and is 16 x 20 painting on 140# cold pressed paper. I am doing a all car paintings  show at a local restaurant here in Raleigh after the first of year and this beauty will be part of it. Have a great weekend and stay warm. Cold weather is on its way here  Monday, Have a blessed week to. Se Ya!