"Night Shadows" was completed today. It actually was started earlier this year. This piece is 16x22 Unframed on 300# cold pressed paper. My history with indian pubelos over the years is many. My fascination by their shapes and shadows always seem to make a nice subject matter to paint. Unfortunately in Florida, Southwest art isn't as popular as Florida Art but I seem to continue to fine a market for it. But I will continue to paint them one pueblo at a time. 

Ok the move has been offically done now for about two weeks and I have my studio up and running but no finished paintings as of yet thus we will show a older painting I did when we lived in Raleigh. This was a barn I painted on a trip we had made to Franklin NC over Thank giving in 2013. Barns in NC are many and this one was right by the road, so I felt obligated to take a photo and paint it. It is a 18x24 Watercolor and Gouache framed on 300# cold pressed paper. I hope to have some new work ready next week so watch for my blog and I am happy we are back in Lakeland again. Have a blessed week and see ya!

Guess it is fitting my last painting done in Raleigh would be dealing with the Carolina's. Looking back over the last two years I have enjoyed our stay here. I found so many good things about the towns, the seasons and the people I have met. I am sure I will cherish the memories and will look forward to returning for visits in the future. This was a simple painting "Carolina Morning". I think the part of North Carolina you truly enjoy is the landscape. Lots of diversification from West to East. I think I have painted her well. This is 11x18 watercolor painting unframed on 140# cold pressed paper. Will be back soon on the blog once we move and get settled back in Florida, Have a blessed week and see you soon.

Raining today so I thought I would get a blog out. I am still painting. I found this old painting and decided to update it. Actually I had been reading a article in a 1977 Arizona Highways about Canyon de Chelly in Arizona and it was the basis for "Rock Canyon Reflections". I have been a great believer in The Monument Valey area of Arizona so this is my take on it. This is a 16x20x2 Unframed canvas Mixed Media. I hope to continue to paint up to the time the movers come but that might not happen. Enjoy your 4th be safe and have a blessed weekend, See ya!

Good afternoon and we are nearly at the weekend. We are packing throwing out and getting ready for the big move at the end of the month. I am going through old paintings to trash or send to goodwill. Great place to get stretched canvas that can be Gesso over. Anyway this is probably my last painting until we move. Working on a studio at new house so that will be very nice. Ok this week's painting.

"Corrugated is a mixed media painting that was inspired by Anne Blockly, a British artist, who works in watercolours and mixed media. I have found some neat applications in her art and I wanted to apply that in this painting. 'Corrugated" is on gesso 300# watercolor paper with corrugated cardboard, cheese cloth, tissue paper, watercolor and acrylic ink. I am very pleased with the application I achieved and the experimenting with new techniques as always. This is 14x22 unframed.

See everyone in Florida next month and have a safe 4th of July. See Ya!

Good morning and hope your week has been good, We are about ready to start boxing up to move back to Florida next week. Will be glad when that is done and we can get settled again. 

"Charleston-Make Color SIng" was a mixed media I had started last winter and I wanted to finish it up this week. With the tragedy their last week this  painting is a interpretation of my feelings of Charleston.  It is a fractured  piece of work much like the city of Charleston but I am sure it will recover with the resilience of the people of Charleston. This is a mixed media on hardboard 18x24. 

I pretty much am shutting down my studio now until we move. No new pieces because they take up space. Lots of ideas so the paintings should flow once we get settled in Lakeland. Have a safe weekend and a safer Fourth. Have a blessed day. See Ya!

Good morning to all. Hope your week has gone well. We are in the start of our move packing, throwing out, Goodwill trips to get ready for move to Florida. I do have some studio classes left so I finished this painting up yesterday in my class "Ocean Break" was originally started as a beach in South Carolina but it lost its identity and became a coastal breaker further North. This painting utilized the modeling paste for the rocks and breaker. I was able to scrub the paste and get different layers of color from the build up of watercolors. The painting is 15x22 on 300# Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper. All for the week enjoy yours and have a blessed weekend. See ya!!

Good Afternoon to everyone. No studio class this week but I am still painting

and heading back to the beach. Quick update. We have found a house in Lakeland, Florida and plan on moving back at the end of July. The time has been great here but the call of the sun,  flip flops and tee shirts is to much in my blood and Sarah also. We have missed Florida. I will have a studio in the new house so that will work out well. Ok this weeks painting. "High TIde"  is a study of a beach somewhere  South of Key West. I am finding that my seascapes have really been my most successful paintings I tried a new panel this week with Golden Ground White and I was happy the way the paintings absorbed the water colors. The brand is DaVinci with a rough gesso surface. I did also use modleing paste and scrubbed the water colors after I varnished the painting. FInal touch was a clear gesso wash and a varnish spray. This painting is 18x24. I am looking forward to doing more seascapes and water paintings once we return to Florida

Enjoy your week  and I will be updating the blog with more paintings but I have to pack starting in July so paintings will be put packed up till we move. Have a blessed week. See ya!