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Sunday here and it actually has been a very nice weekend . I am finally done with all my paintings for the show in Florida at the end of the month and this is my last piece. Titled " Oasis" it is a mixed media on 300# Arches cold pressed paper. I am still wprking with the modeling paste on paper and I am enjoying the textures I am able to achieve when I paint. This piece
 also has colored pencil, water color pencil and gouache. 

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and  I will have one more blog before I come to Florida, Have a blessed day. See ya!


Good morning the weekend is nearly upon us and spring has arrived. Sarah has her Tulips growing in the yard and the dogwoods are in full bloom. Great time of year in Raleigh.

Farmed Land1 was this weeks painting, I wanted to continue my Farm Land series and I am very comfortable painting in a abstract means rather then realism. As a artist the abstract painting is a extension of an artist's ability to view subjects as a window to their eye and thoughts. I want the viewer to study and see what their thought project is, and with this painting the viewer is able to do this. The painting is 16x20, on 300# Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper wiht modeling paste, frisket, and watercolor paint.

Again remember my art will be on display at Mitchells Coffee House on May 1, 2015 between 5-8 PM for First Friday and I will be there  and then they will hanging  during the month of May. Hope to see you there. 

 Have a blessed weekend and hope to see you soon. See ya!

Good afternoon everyone. Blog is early this week but I finished this peice today so wanted to share the painting and the steps to create it. 

 First of all I miss the Southwest a bunch so when ever I have a idea of the West it always goes back to the pueblo's in New Mexico and Arizona. I am fascinated by the shapes and smoothness of the buildings and have been always amazed how they were built in some of the most difficult places to get to. Unfortunately this is not a actual copy of any pueblo I know of other then what I wanted to create and show, 

 "Cliff Dwellers" had a few steps to create it so here they are. FIrst I started with a masonite panel 24x24. I needed a base of white and watercolors normally do adhere to most surfaces so I used two coats of  Golden absorbant ground white to prepare the surface, Once that dried I put on a coat of Liquitex modeling paste and used a credit card (expired) to smooth and create the surfaces on the panel. Water colors will adhere to the surace but unless it is real thick it becomes to transparent. to create the surfaces and colors on the cliff I would put color on it and then use a rag to scrub it  off leaving color on the surface. This was repeated many times to give the surface the look of rocks and cliffs with multiple colors. Shadows were created using darker palette colors. Three days of work which is  beyond my normal painting time for one piece but I am very satisfied with the finshed painting. This piece will be at MIchtell's Coffe House in May so come by and see it.

 OK thats it. Have a great week and will see you soon, 

Hope your week is going well. Raleigh today is 75 degrees sunny and great short sleeve and shorts weather. Of course by the weekend it will be only 45 and cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Enough on the weather lets get to the painting. 

Last summer I took some pictures around lake morton and found this swan among the reeds, I wanted a background that brought out the swan and to utilize the reeds and grass to further highlight the painting, Negative application was made around the swan to further make a dynamic contrast in the painting, This is a watercolor and pencil on 300# Fabriano Cold pressed paper.

Enjoy your week and remember I will be doing First Friday at Mitchell's Coffee House in Lakeland on May 1, 2015. Hope to see you there. See Ya and have a blessed weekend.

Hope your week is going well. I am enjoying this great spring weather? Sarah planted some flowers in pots yesterday so I know she is hoping this weather stays. 

This piece is "Pueblo-Late Afternoon. I have always been fascinated by indian pueblos from the architecture to the shapes and colors the sun creates beaming down on them. The original photo was made up of terra cotta colors but I wanted something that gave the building a more washed clean look, thus light shadows with a blue color pallette and browns with paynes gray  It was painted on aquaboard 16x20. Hope you enjoy it. 

All for the week. Hope your weather is good and have a blessed day. See Ya!


Well as I type this blog another day of rain and sleet has past the birds are chirping and the sun is out with a high of 38 today. I know that spring is coming but when? 

Ok lets get to this week's painting. Titled "Farmed Land" I wanted to put minimium color on the palette and a light wash of color to push the land to the sky and horizon, My landscapes seeks to show texture and strength on the paper  and a terrain of undulations of lefts and rights. Landscapes fill the imagination of color and shapes for me and even in its purest form of abstract it makes the mind ponder and wonder. This piece is 16x20 all watercolor on 300# Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper. 

 I have been invited to show my art, at Mitchell's Coffee Shop in Lakeland Florida, with another artist during the month of May 2015. This will provide me a great opportunity to share my art with friends and artists I know in the Lakeland area. I hope if you are in Lakeland you will see my art and enjoy Mitchell's Coffee shop for a great cup of Joe and awesome desserts. 

 All for this week have a blessed and awesome weekend. See Ya!


Well early this week but I wanted to show my Sailors Lament  and how it changed from the study I did last fall, The finished piece I have softned and the sailors face has more color and washes, I still wanted to achieve the sailors's hardness and rugged look and I believe I have done that,

II also wanted to give the background a push to the face to highlight the head and cap. Over all I am very satisfied with the outcome. This a 18x24 Watercolor on 300# Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper. Catch everyone later !

Well back in the saddle painting this week. Two pieces completed. First picture is Pueblo- Winter January. Actually I had done a study to complete this piece but ended up selling it at the VAE gallery over the holidays so I had to work off the picture I had taken of it. I like this piece I think better because of the colors I was able to achieve with the pueblo and the trees and snow colors are more vibrant with a negative application that pulls the colors out. This piece is 18x24 Watercolor on 300 # Fabiano Cold Pressed Paper.


 The second painting is Seagrove Beach near Destin Florida, I had taken some  photos at Thanksgiving and had started this piece but had put it to the side, I ran across it this week and wanted to finish it, The picture achieved the whitness of the beach and at the same time the beauty of the dunes and sea oats and grass, Anyone who ever wanted to see the prettiest beaches in Florida needs to go to the panhandle, This piece is 11x14 on 140 # Fabiano Cold pressed Paper.


 I started a 3rd piece but still am working on it, hope to finish next week, Well bout it, We are going to get some bone chillin weather here this next week so thinking bout sunny Florida pretty hard, I get to dog sit and wife gets the Sun this time, Stay warm and have a blessed week. Seez Ya!